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Flat Bug - A. robustus? - Aradus ornatus

Flat Bug - A. robustus? - Aradus ornatus
Baiting Hollow, Suffolk County, New York, USA
September 22, 2009
Size: 4 - 5 mm est.
Should I move this to Flat Bugs?
Found on the ground under Locust, Oak and Beach.
It matched it's surroundings so well that It was only visible while moving.
Is this an adult? It looks like it has wings, but then what are the 2 small anterior wing looking structures?

Aradus ornatus Say
Three shiny areas on posterior part of pronotum and pale hemelytra and abdomen contrasting the dark head, pronotum, and scutellum make this A. ornatus.

Moved from Aradus.

cool... thanks!!
happy to see you tackle this fabulous group, too

adult [full wings!] nice Aradus, definitely not robustus
Moved from ID Request.