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Caterpillar - Anisota stigma

Caterpillar - Anisota stigma
Range, Conecuh County, Alabama, USA
September 23, 2009
Size: 2.4 inch
Orange caterpillar that seemed to have lost its way. Trees and shrubs from which it might have come are maple, oak, tea olive, hydrangea, vinca, dogwood, and tung. Any help to identify will be gratefully received.

Moved from ID Request.

Thank you
Thank you all. The Spiny Oakworm is prolific here this time of year. I appreciate all your help.

getting ready to pupate
When caterpillars are ready to pupate, they leave their foodplant and wander around, sometimes quite a distance, looking for a safe place to build a cocoon. Some of them pupate underground and want to dig in the dirt, I don't know if this species is one of those.

I think Seb may be correct.
It looks like Anisota stigma (Spiny Oakworm) comparing your photo with the one in my caterpillar book.

My really fast guess
That's probably inaccurate is Anisota stigma

I'd check in Ceratocampinae
I'm kind of pressed for time right now otherwise I'd do some more looking but I think it's probably a member of Ceratocampinae>, so I'd check there.

Spiny Oakworm, Anisota stigma
Given locality, that helps narrow it down. It's likely Anisota stigma, the Spiny Oakworm.

Saturniidae: Ceratocampinae (syn. Citheroniinae); Anisota