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caterpillar - Probole

caterpillar - Probole
Lancaster, Worcesterx County, Massachusetts, USA
September 25, 2009
Found on oak.

Moved from Geometrid Moths.
I guess it's safe to place it here, unless someone can come up with a better id.

We think you're right once again with Probole
That hump doesn't seem low, but it certainly doesn't seem to be anything else.

Wonder if this might be a young
Prochoerodes lineola, Wagner pg 193. We're thinking this might be what a young one might look like, but we'll also keep looking!

How about Probole?
It looks like the red version described on page 182 of Wagner.

We're stumbling over "low, rounded" swellings
on A5. Guess we'll go back to the book on this one. :)