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Syrphid Fly - Lejops curvipes - male

Syrphid Fly - Lejops curvipes - Male
Dartmouth, Bristol County, Massachusetts, USA
August 19, 2004
This was identified as a male Tropidia species by Gerard Pennards, from my website.

This is Polydontomyia curvipe
This is a male Polydontomyia curvipes sometimes it is placed in the genus Lejops. This species is easily recognized by its long spur on the hindtibia (on the right leg in the picture). Tropidia species look similar but are more slender and have spots instead of a pure red abdomen.

Polydontomyia curvipe
Martin, thanks for identifying this to species. I couldn't find any tribe info on the internet. I put it in Milesiini, would that be correct?

It belongs to the Eristalini,
It belongs to the Eristalini, it is close to Lejops and Anasimyia. Best wishes Martin