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Syrphid - Allograpta obliqua - female

Syrphid - Allograpta obliqua - Female
Plum Island, Essex County, Massachusetts, USA
August 30, 2004

Moved from obliqua or exotica.

Markings on tergite 2 are consistent with obliqua; see:

Moved from Allograpta.

Moved from Allograpta exotica.
Thanks Ron, I'll look back and see if I have any other pictures of this fly.

ReRevised ID: Allograpta sp.
Tom, sorry for any confusion, but I blew this call. Based on this image, fly could be either A. obliqua or A. exotica. A view of the face or possibly side could get it back to species.

Moved from Common Oblique Syrphid.
Thanks Ron.

My pleasure, Tom.
I'm beginning to realize that the Common Oblique Syrphid is a lot less common than I'd once thought!

Revised ID: Allograpta exotica
White face with black stripe distinguishes this from the nearly identical A. obliqua.