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Reddish Moth - Amorbia cuneanum - female

Reddish Moth - Amorbia cuneanum - Female
Marin County, California, USA
September 25, 2009
Size: 20 mm length
Attracted to a blacklight. No idea on this one...

Moved from Tortricid Moths.

Identified by Jerry Powell: "The Novato tortricid is Amorbia cuneana, which is highly variable in color and maculation patterns in the Bay Area populations, from dark purple-brown to pale tan. I think yours is a female, which is often unicoorous; males usually have some brown patterning on the FW. Females favor smooth leafed shrubs such as Heteromeles, Prunus, Arbutus for oviposition; the larvae will feed on all kinds of leaves."

Moved from Moths.

Tortricidae: Probably Sparganothidini
Please try to post square photos to enable their use also at MPG. In this case we are going to have to include a copy of this photo in a search program to try to get it identified. You might try to adopt a standard size for all your moth photos, say 500x500 or 560x560 pixels. Thanks.

In looking at MPG photos, wha
In looking at MPG photos, what do you think about
0948 – Himmacia huachucella

Re: In looking at MPG photos, wha
That species does look very similar. The main difference I can see is the length of the fringes on the wings.

Do the images have to be perfectly square or can I just eyeball it? I'm going to upload another copy of this photo for MPG.

Eyeballing Almost Always Works :-)