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White-lined Sphinx - Hyles lineata

White-lined Sphinx - Hyles lineata
Mountville, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA
September 11, 2005
Size: 3 inch wingspan
A specimen from my collection. This moth came to an incandescent light on my deck.

Hummingbird moth?
Is the White-lined Sphinx considered a hummingbird moth? Their behavior is very similar, in fact we have seen them feeding side by side in a patch of flowers and could only tell the difference when we got closer. Nice mount. Do you use anything to preserve the specimen?

White-lined Sphinx
I think the closest relation between the white-lined and the hummingbird it at the family level. Many Sphingids behave that way, though, with very high frequency wing movement.

No, when you mount the specimen, you let it pinned in place for about a week and it dries out. Nothing was used to preserve it. To find out more on preserving specimens for collections, take a look at my article here.

Very nice mount! On your desk?