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Order Blattodea - Cockroaches and Termites

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Blattodea - Cockroaches and Termites

Superfamily Blaberoidea
Family Blaberidae - Ovoviviparous Cockroaches
Genus Blaberus
Species atropos - Blaberus atropos
Species discoidalis - Blaberus discoidalis
Species craniifer - Death's Head Cockroach
Genus Epilampra
Species maya - Epilampra maya
Genus Hemiblabera - Broad Keys Cockroaches
Species tenebricosa - Broad Keys Cockroach
Genus Nauphoeta
Species cinerea - Lobster Cockroach
Genus Panchlora
Species nivea - Green Banana Cockroach
Genus Pycnoscelus
Species surinamensis - Surinam Cockroach
Family Ectobiidae
Subfamily Blattellinae
Genus Attaphila
Species fungicola - Ant Cockroach
Genus Blattella
Species asahinai - Asian Cockroach
Species vaga - Field Cockroach
Species germanica - German Cockroach
Genus Ischnoptera
Species bilunata - Ischnoptera bilunata
Species deropeltiformis - Dark Wood Cockroach
Genus Parcoblatta - Wood Cockroaches
Species americana - American Wood Cockroach
Species bolliana - Boll's Wood Cockroach
Species caudelli - Caudell's Wood Cockroach
Species desertae - Desert Wood Cockroach
Species divisa - Southern Wood Cockroach
Species fulvescens - Fulvous Wood Cockroach
Species lata - Broad Wood Cockroach
Species notha - Arizona Wood Cockroach
Species pennsylvanica - Pennsylvania Wood Cockroach
Species uhleriana - Uhler's Wood Cockroach
Species virginica - Virginia Wood Cockroach
Species zebra - Zebra Wood Cockroach
Genus Pseudomops
Species septentrionalis - Pale Bordered Field Cockroach
Genus Symploce
Species morsei - Symploce morsei
Subfamily Ectobiinae
Genus Capraiellus
Species panzeri - Capraiellus panzeri
Genus Ectobius
Species lapponicus - Dusky Cockroach
Species lucidus - Ectobius lucidus
Species pallidus - Spotted Mediterranean Cockroach
Species sylvestris - Forest Cockroach
Genus Luridiblatta
Species trivittata - Luridiblatta trivittata
Subfamily Pseudophyllodromiinae
Genus Aglaopteryx
Species gemma - Little Gem Cockroach
Genus Cariblatta
Species lutea - Small Yellow Cockroach
Species minima - Least Yellow Cockroach
Genus Chorisoneura
Species texensis - Small Yellow Texas Cockroach
Species parishi - Chorisoneura parishi
Genus Euthlastoblatta
Species abortiva - Fragile Cockroach
Genus Latiblattella
Species lucifrons - Latiblattella lucifrons
Species rehni - Latiblattella rehni
Genus Neoblattella
Species detersa - Neoblattella detersa
Genus Plectoptera
Species poeyi - Florida Beetle Cockroach
Species picta - Plectoptera picta
Genus Supella
Species longipalpa - Brown-banded Cockroach
Superfamily Blattoidea
Family Blattidae
Subfamily Blattinae
Genus Blatta
Species orientalis - Oriental Cockroach
Genus Neostylopyga
Species rhombifolia - Harlequin Cockroach
Genus Periplaneta
Species americana - American Cockroach
Species australasiae - Australian Cockroach
Species brunnea - Brown Cockroach
Species fuliginosa - Smoky Brown Cockroach
Species japonica - Periplaneta japonica
Genus Shelfordella
Species lateralis - Turkestan Cockroach
Subfamily Polyzosteriinae
Genus Drymaplaneta
Species heydeniana - Drymaplaneta heydeniana 0
Genus Eurycotis
Species lixa - Eurycotis lixa
Species floridana - Florida Woods Cockroach
Family Cryptocercidae - Brown-hooded Cockroaches
Genus Cryptocercus
Species clevelandi - Cryptocercus clevelandi
Species darwini - Cryptocercus darwini
Species garciai - Cryptocercus garciai
Species punctulatus - Brown-hooded Cockroach
Species wrighti - Cryptocercus wrighti
No Taxon Epifamily Termitoidae - Termites
Family Archotermopsidae - Rottenwood Termites
Genus Zootermopsis - Dampwood termites
Species laticeps - Arizona Dampwood Termite
Species angusticollis - Pacific Dampwood Termite
Species nevadensis - Nevada Dampwood Termite
Subspecies nevadensis - Zootermopsis nevadensis nevadensis
Subspecies nuttingi - Zootermopsis nevadensis nuttingi
Family Kalotermitidae - Drywood and Dampwood Termites
Genus Calcaritermes
Species nearcticus - Calcaritermes nearcticus
Genus Cryptotermes - Powderpost Termites
Species brevis - West Indian Drywood Termite
Species cavifrons - Cryptotermes cavifrons
Genus Incisitermes - Drywood Termites
Species arizonensis - Incisitermes arizonensis
Species banksi - Incisitermes banksi
Species minor - Western Drywood Termite
Species schwarzi - Incisitermes schwarzi
Species snyderi - Light Southeastern Drywood Termite
Genus Kalotermes - Drywood Termites
Species approximatus - Dark Southern Drywood Termite
Genus Marginitermes
Species hubbardi - Light Western Drywood Termite
Genus Neotermes - Dampwood Termites
Species castaneus - Florida Dampwood Termite
Species jouteli - Coastal Florida Dampwood Termite
Genus Paraneotermes - Desert Dampwood Termite
Species simplicicornis - Desert Dampwood Termite
Genus Pterotermes
Species occidentis - Pterotermes occidentis
Family Rhinotermitidae - Subterranean Termites
Genus Coptotermes
Species formosanus - Formosan Subterranean Termite
Genus Reticulitermes
Species flavipes - Eastern Subterranean Termite
Species hageni - Light Southern Subterranean Termite
Species hesperus - Western Subterranean Termite
Species tibialis - Arid-Land Subterranean Termite
Genus Heterotermes
Species aureus - Desert Subterranean Termite
Family Termitidae - Higher Termites
Subfamily Apicotermitinae
Genus Anoplotermes - Soldierless termites
Species fumosus - Anoplotermes fumosus
Subfamily Nasutitermitinae - Nasute Termites
Genus Tenuirostritermes
Species tenuirostris - Tenuirostritermes tenuirostris
Species cinereus - Tenuirostritermes cinereus
Subfamily Termitinae
Genus Amitermes - Desert Termites
Species minimus - Amitermes minimus
Species wheeleri - Wheeler's Desert Termite
Species parvulus - Amitermes parvulus
Genus Gnathamitermes - Long-jawed Desert Termites
Species perplexus - Long-jawed Desert Termites
Superfamily Corydioidea
Family Corydiidae
Subfamily Latindiinae
Genus Compsodes
Species cucullatus - Compsodes cucullatus
Species schwarzi - Schwarz's Hooded Cockroach
Genus Myrmecoblatta
Species wheeleri - Myrmecoblatta wheeleri
Subfamily Corydiinae
Genus Arenivaga
Species apacha - Arenivaga apacha
Species bolliana - Boll's Sandroach
Species erratica - Arenivaga erratica
Species floridensis - Florida Sand Cockroach
Species gaiophanes - Arenivaga gaiophanes
Species genitalis - Arenivaga genitalis
Species hopkinsorum - Arenivaga hopkinsorum
Species investigata - Arenivaga investigata
Species sequoia - Arenivaga sequoia
Species tenax - Arenivaga tenax
Species tonkawa - Arenivaga tonkawa
Genus Eremoblatta
Species subdiaphana - Eremoblatta subdiaphana
No Taxon Unidentified oothecae