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subgenus Pentapedilum

Midge - Polypedilum Midge - Polypedilum - male Midge - Polypedilum Tail - Polypedilum - male More Midge - Polypedilum Orthocladinae - something different ... - Polypedilum - female midge - Polypedilum - male Small brown midge - Polypedilum - female
Kingdom Animalia (Animals)
Phylum Arthropoda (Arthropods)
Subphylum Hexapoda (Hexapods)
Class Insecta (Insects)
Order Diptera (Flies)
No Taxon ("Nematocera" (Non-Brachycera))
Infraorder Culicomorpha (Mosquitoes and Midges)
Family Chironomidae (Non-biting Midges)
Subfamily Chironominae
Tribe Chironomini
No Taxon (Polypedilum Group)
Genus Polypedilum
No Taxon subgenus Pentapedilum
Wing length 0.77 - 3.02 mm
Hairy-winged Polypedilum; other characters are difficult or impossible to see in photographs.

More formally, "The superior volsella is horn-shaped, almost always with one bristle beyond the base or on a projection, but in very rare cases there may be two or it is absent. The setae on the inner subapical margin of gonostylus are long and evenly distributed. The anal point is mostly narrow, without lateral shoulders." (Oyewo and Sæther 2008)

"Abdomen pale yellow to various dark brown stripes on segments; yellow or dark apices or broadly banded. Thorax pale yellow to dark brown or with various coloration patterns on vittae, preepisternum, postnotum, antepronotum and scutellum. Wings without markings but with few (at least at apices) to very dense macrotrichia. Legs pale yellow, yellow, yellowish brown or dark brown; some with dark brown femora and/or tarsi apices." (ibid.)
Four species in North America:
Internet References
Emmanuel Adeoye Oyewo & Ole A. Sæther, "Revision of Polypedilum (Pentapedilum) Kieffer and Ainuyusurika Sasa et Shirasaki (Diptera: Chironomidae)", Zootaxa 1953