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Subfamily Lasiocampinae

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Lappet Moth - Hodges#7687 - Phyllodesma americana Red one May 19 - Phyllodesma americana Hodges #7686 - Southern Lappet Moth - Phyllodesma Heteropacha rileyana Moth - Phyllodesma americana Moth to black light - Heteropacha rileyana Phyllodesma americana Tent worm? - Phyllodesma

moth - Gloveria arizonensis - female mummifed Eastern Tent Caterpillar - Malacosoma disstria caterpillar in S Texas sand sheet - Malacosoma disstria Dicogaster coronada - female Gloveria arizonensis Forest Tent Caterpillar Moth  - Malacosoma disstria caterpillar in Austin Texas, looks like a Persian rug! - Malacosoma disstria Quadrina diazoma - female