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Yellowjacket - Vespula flavopilosa - male

Yellowjacket - Vespula flavopilosa - Male
Harvard, Worcester County, Massachusetts, USA
October 15, 2005
Is this a Yellow-haired Yellowjacket?

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Yellowjacket - Vespula flavopilosa - male Yellowjacket - Vespula flavopilosa - male

Male of Vespula flavopilosa
As the author of this species, I agree that it is Vespula flavopilosa. I just joined this website, and I'm very impressed with what I've seen so far! I'm also glad that "yellow-haired yellowjacket" is being used instead of that "hybrid yellowjacket" proposed some years ago!

Welcome aboard
It's great having another distinguished expert on the site. Amateurs like myself can learn a lot from you and the other professionals.
I agree, Yellow-haired Yellowjacket does sound like the better name.

Great Photos
My money's on your id., i.e., a male Yellow-haired (flavopilosa). Let's hope Richard Vernier comments on the identification

I agree
A specimen with extensive yellow on the two first urotegites, and still more so on the face. Not only is the clypeus wholly yellow, but the space between the antennal roots has almost no black left either.
And to my knowledge, this does never occur in V. vulgaris males, where two yellow spots always remain separated at this place.

Thanks Richard
It's nice to get the thumbs up from our yellowjacket expert.