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Male Yellow Jackets-all the same species? - Vespula flavopilosa - male

Male Yellow Jackets-all the same species? - Vespula flavopilosa - Male
Jim Thorpe, PA 18229, Carbon County, Pennsylvania, USA
October 15, 2005
Size: all 1 inch aprrox

Sorry to disagree once again, but...
The yellowish brown color of the hair on the mesopleuron, together with the shortness of the vertex pilosity, make me lean for Vespula flavopilosa rather than its sister species V. vulgaris.
Sure, both specimens - especially the one at the left, the wet one - have a dark enough color pattern. But, as comparison with workers shows, that's quite compatible with the species' variability.

Wow-is there a glossary of terms here?
First I'm not going to argue with anyone on these-because I don't know myself which is which.

what is a mesopleuron and vertex pilosity? sorry for asking.


Yes, we need one and Lynette has been working on a Glossary. There are a few references to other glossaries in the web. Maybe this is helpful.