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Say Wot? - Conura - male

Say Wot? - Conura - Male
Montrose, Laurens County, Georgia, USA
November 1, 2009
This one is definitely in the spirit of Halloween. Looks like something Frankenstein whacked together in the back room. It looks like a wasp to me, but I won't swear by it. Sorry the pics aren't better, but there was a strong wind all day and this character wasn't hanging about for me. I thought this might be Conura, but the antennae are in the wrong place.

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Say Wot? - Conura - male Say Wot? - Conura

Nice addition
Adult, male. It is always a good idea to add this info once you have it. I did it for you this time.

Sorry, Beatriz, I wasn't
aware it was male. I couldn't sex insects to save my life except in the most broad terms.

She just means
that once someone has given an ID and has specified the sex (as Dennis did in this case), it's good to click the 'edit' link and check the appropriate check box so that the symbol appears below the image. Any winged insect is an adult, so you can check "adult" whenever you submit a photo of a winged insect (and "immature" if you know for sure that your image is not of an adult). The advanced search feature can then be used to display just one age/sex of a given taxon if you so choose.

Thanks Charley
I couldn't have said it better. In fact, I didn't know it was a male until Dennis said so.

The males have a small, round
The males have a small, round, petiolate abdomen, while the females have a more elongate abdomen that comes to a point.

Moved from ID Request.

Compare with
these images.


Antennae attachment
Antennae attachment is lower than it appears, I think. The first segment seems to be folded up against the head.

On closer inspection
I suspect you're right. The pics are so lousy, though, it makes it difficult to be sure of anything.

If these are "lousy"....
....then I'll never post anything here again! I think these are just fine, especially given the size of the insect:-)

Eric's right, they're beautif
Eric's right, they're beautiful pictures of a male Conura sp.

Eric and Dennis, put it down to
my being an old-school anal-retentive film photographer. The depth-of-field is misplaced, I didn't parallel the subject properly, etc., etc. Technical details, details.