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Parasitic Wasp - Bathyplectes infernalis - female

Parasitic Wasp - Bathyplectes infernalis - Female
Oliver, Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada
October 31, 2009
Size: ~ 6 mm
Braconid or Ichneumon ?

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Thank you
This is great, I was happy with the genus. Interesting fact that there is females only.

Thank you for the identificat
Thank you for the identification. The picture was taken with the 40D, ring flash, 100mm macro lens and 36mm extension tube.

Thank You for Sharing
Thanks for sharing that information. Am I correct in assuming that the same lens, extension tube, and flash could also be used on the 50D?

Yes, the 50D is just an updat
Yes, the 50D is just an updated version of the 40D. Apart from more pixels there is not much difference. The 40D is better for macro and the 50D for birds.

40D vs. 50D
What makes the 40D better for macro?

40D vs 50D
In my opinion the IQ is better with the 40D

EOS 50D?
Was this taken with the Canon EOS 50D? Flash or not? What lens?

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