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Pink Caterpiller - Heterocampa umbrata

Pink Caterpiller - Heterocampa umbrata
Kernersville, Forsyth County, North Carolina, USA
October 9, 2005
Size: 2"
This one I found strolling northward about 1pm on a sunny 80 degree central NC

I have butterfly bushes and believe this to be a swallowtail but it is so bright pink it was worth a picture.

Moved from Heterocampa.

That is
a beautiful caterpillar.

One of the Prominents
We would choose the White-Blotched, Heterocampa umbrata, Wagner(1) page 302. White saddles are separate, not joined over the dorsum. Right head coloration, and shiny reddish knobs. Check in the guide here. And, we almost forgot, great image. Thanks for posting it!