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Fungus gnat - Asindulum

Fungus gnat - Asindulum
Rock Harbor, Isle Royale, Keweenaw County, Michigan, USA
August 27, 2004
Is this a fungus gnat (Mycetohpylidae)?

Thx Zachary. I was uncertain whether beaked or not...

Moved from Orfeliini.

This is Asindulum! You can clearly tell by the A1 vein that comes all the way to the edge of the wing, and (I'd suspect) the elongate mouthparts that are stuck deep inside the flower. The dark color and location all suggest Asindulum montanum. Awesome shot, pollen and all!


Good job, John! Could you take a look at this one now?

Plant ID
At Beatriz's request (on behalf of Bjoern Rulik), I have identified this plant as Flat-top Aster (Doellingeria [formerly Aster] umbellata).

Thanks for ID!

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Moved from Fungus Gnats.

Maybe not Mycetophilidae s.s.
I think this is a former subfamily of Mycetophilidae that has been promoted -- Mycetobiidae or Keroplatidae maybe. Do you have a closer picture? I'm looking for some of the shorter veins.

But this is the best I have.

Tribe Orfeliini
Doubts confirmed: connection of M and CuA1 short and not extending to the base of wing (Keroplatidae: Keroplatinae: Orfeliini).

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Is there any key to subfamily and tribe in Keroplatidae outside of Matile's 1990 work, which I do not have?

Sometimes it is worth to look over the pond..... Søli et al. (2000) provide a key in volume 4 of the Manual of Palaearctic Diptera.

literature cited:

Søli, G.; Vockeroth, J. R. & Matile, L. (2000): A.4. Families of Sciaroidea. - In: Papp, L. & Darvas, B. (eds.): Contributions to a manual of Palaearctic Diptera (with special reference to flies of economic importance). Appendix. Budapest: Science Herald. ISBN 963048840X

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Well done!
Yes, and a nice image, too:-) Those long spurs at the end of the tibiae help ID these flies instantly, and serve to separate them from crane flies.

That was fast. I am glad that you are feeling well again.