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Early record for introduced Red Bug - Scantius aegyptius

Early record for introduced Red Bug - Scantius aegyptius
Webb Canyon, ~2000 ft. elevation, Los Angeles County, California, USA
April 14, 2009
This is a pretty terrible photo of a likely deceased specimen that I fished out of the pool, but I'm submitting it for the sake of the interesting data that it provides. As far as I am aware, this is the earliest recorded evidence of this newly introduced species in my area. I had thought that my first sighting of these guys was on July 14, but when going back through my files, I discovered this image which (at the time) I probably assumed was some common-place Lygaeid species.

[Please note that until such time as we receive more images/data for this species, I think this photo is worth retaining in the guide. I have unchecked "Representative" so that this poor-quality image will NOT appear in the Browse function.]