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BIG Black Beetle - Calosoma macrum - female

BIG Black Beetle - Calosoma macrum - Female
Hilton Hill Country Hotel, San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas, USA
September 29, 2009
I saw several of these big beetles right near the entrance of the Hill Country Hotel while I was staying there. They didn't run away but just hung out there on the sidewalk. I kept moving them out of the walk way.

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wow! thanks, Ashley and Mike
so my excitement wasn't all that vain, after all... Mike, are you telling me you didn't have an opportunity to photograph the beetle that seems to infest the Hill Country Hotel????

This year, we added the first pix of three of Texas' seven Calosoma spp... If it was infesting hotels in Brownsville or Mission, I'm sure we would have added this one too...

Much thanks
to both of you - it's always exciting to add a first to the Guide! =)

Mike, like I mentioned, I saw several of these over the course of a week right near the entrance to the hotel, as I was leaving the front door, heading for the parking lot. They seemed common enough to that particular location, and notable because of their size.

"saw several of these over the course of a week"
Insects are often "locally common", but not common throughout their distribution.

What I meant was
that if you were to visit there, you might have a good chance of finding one. =) I don't know how close that hotel is to you.

"I don't know how close that hotel is to you."
According to bugguide, your bug was in San Antonio and I'm in Austin. (map) There are 7,500 beetles spp. and 30,000 insect spp. in Texas. I generally don't make trips to look for single spp. as I'm a little behind in keeping up with what's in my own backyard.

Oh yes, that's too far
to go for one bug! And you certainly have a wide variety right in your back yard, as do I - I'm constantly amazed at the variety! By the way, I was disappointed to see that somebody apparently snapped up your URL when it lapsed - I really hate when that happens. Did you move the content elsewhere?

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Calosoma -- dunno which one yet, but can be something

Oh yes -
It definitely fits that form factor. =)

can be something SPECIAL, i meant :-]
Ashley, you'll be surprised to learn i really like the beetle despite my widely advertised lack of interest in anything large and collectible -- but, seriously, i don't see anything like it in the guide. The most peculiar thing is its irregular punctation combined, plus the body shape more elongate than usual. The gal looks akin to C. marginale, itself, apparently, quite uncommon. Mike Quinn should know, it's his backyard --give or take.... i'll ask him