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Blind Click Beetle - Alaus myops

Blind Click Beetle - Alaus myops
Hwy 55 and Sedwick, Durham County, North Carolina, USA
April 24, 2004
Attracted to a lighted wall.

Saw this recently too
One of these came to my light recently. It was smaller than I expected after having seen Alaus oculatus. When I catch up on editing my picks I'll post mine.

several last night (4/25-26/04)
There were several on the walls of my favorite bug-trap CVS pharmacy here in Durham. All were A. myops, none A. oculatus. I am thinking now that A. myops emerges and disperses (?) in spring, earlier than A. oculatus, which seems to be about in mid-summer. I did not start "bugging" avidly until late May last year, so I missed A. myops.

I saw a bunch of neat moths I can't identify, too. I have photos, but want to get some time to try to figure them out before posting.
Patrick Coin
Durham, North Carolina