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You may have noticed convenient footnote type citations to references
in various places and I wanted to let everyone know how to do that.
I'll incorporate it into the image submission pages at some point but
here's a quick guide.

First, note that every image, info page, book, and so on have a unique
identifier, called a node id. It'll be the number that appears in the URL
when you are viewing the page.

For example, the most recent image submission is this page:
The node id for that image is 3530.

I frequently cite Arnett's American Insects:
The node id for that book is 2489.

I've been penciling in those numbers in the front of most of my books.
In most browsers, look in the address or hover over a link to discover the node id.

To cite a book, just do [cite:#] or [cite:#,page] or [cite:#,page,page] where #
is the node number, and page is a single page or a range of pages. The pages
will only show up in the hover text though.

You can include a thumbnail link to an image anywhere by specifying
[thumb:#]. Again, # will be the node number for the image.

Here's some examples:


Arnett describes over 17,000 species of North American insects. [cite:2489](1)

Hope this helps!

Very helpful,
and now that I've got used to doing the thumbnail citations, I wonder if you can explain in equally straightforward terns how to include a link to a website?
Hannah N-M

Use BBCode
Just see the instructions here: - BBCode Guide
That page is also linked from the add comment form. Just below the input box, there's a list of allowed HTML tags and allowed BBCode tags (with the link).

You could also use regular HTML to create a link, but I think using the BBCode URL tag is easier.

In short, you do this (BBCode):


or alternatively (HTML)

<a href="">BugGuide.Net</a>

Both display as

It worked!
I used the second method the page has listed, of bracketing the website address with [url] at the front and [/url] at the end; for a total novice like myself this seemed the easiest solution, especially as I already had the website address in my posting. I'm feeling very empowered :) -thanks, Troy!