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Subfamily Ichneumoninae

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Hymenoptera - Ants, Bees, Wasps and Sawflies
No Taxon "Parasitica" - Parasitoid Wasps
Superfamily Ichneumonoidea - Braconid and Ichneumonid Wasps
Family Ichneumonidae - Ichneumonid Wasps
Subfamily Ichneumoninae

Tribe Heresiarchini
Tribe Ichneumonini
No Taxon Amblyteles Genus Group
Genus Cratichneumon
Species annulatipes - Cratichneumon annulatipes
Species arizonensis - Cratichneumon arizonensis
Species duplicatus - Cratichneumon duplicatus
Species facetus - Cratichneumon facetus
Species flavipectus - Cratichneumon flavipectus
Species paratus - Cratichneumon paratus
Species pseudanisotae - Cratichneumon pseudanisotae
Species pteridis - Cratichneumon pteridis
Species subfilatus - Cratichneumon subfilatus
Species sublatus - Cratichneumon sublatus
Species tyloidifer - Cratichneumon tyloidifer
Species unifasciatorius - Cratichneumon unifasciatorius
Species vescus - Cratichneumon vescus
Species viator - Cratichneumon viator
Subspecies acerbus - Cratichneumon viator acerbus
Species vinnulus - Cratichneumon vinnulus
Species w-album - Cratichneumon w-album
No Taxon Anomalous Female
Genus Diphyus
Species apiculatus - Diphyus apiculatus
Species ormenus - Diphyus ormenus
Genus Ectopimorpha
Species wilsoni - Ectopimorpha wilsoni
Genus Eutanyacra
Species improvisa - Eutanyacra improvisa
Species suturalis - Eutanyacra suturalis
Species vilissima - Eutanyacra vilissima
Genus Limerodops
Species belangeri - Limerodops belangeri
Species mariannae - Limerodops mariannae
Genus Neamblymorpha
Species milva - Neamblymorpha milva
Genus Netanyacra
Genus Setanta
Species compta - Setanta compta
Subspecies compta - Setanta compta compta
Subspecies marginata - Setanta compta marginata
Species parsimonica - Setanta parsimonica
Genus Spilichneumon
Genus Tricholabus
No Taxon Callajoppa Genus Group
Genus Conocalama
Species canadensis - Conocalama canadensis
Genus Gnamptopelta
Species obsidianator - Gnamptopelta obsidianator
No Taxon Trogus Subgroup
Genus Trogus
Species edwardsii - Trogus edwardsii
Species flavipennis - Trogus flavipennis
Species fulvipes - Trogus fulvipes
Species lapidator - Trogus lapidator
Species pennator - Trogus pennator
Species vulpinus - Trogus vulpinus
No Taxon pennator or vulpinus
Genus Saranaca
Species apicalis - Saranaca apicalis
Species elegans - Saranaca elegans
Genus Tmetogaster
Species nubilipennis - Tmetogaster nubilipennis
Subtribe Protichneumonina - Protichneumon Genus Group
Genus Coelichneumon
Species azotus - Coelichneumon azotus
Species barnstoni - Coelichneumon barnstoni
Species deliratorius - Coelichneumon deliratorius
Subspecies cinctitarsis - Coelichneumon deliratorius cinctitarsis
Species eximius - Coelichneumon eximius
Species navus - Coelichneumon navus
Species orpheus - Coelichneumon orpheus
Species pervagus - Coelichneumon pervagus
Species punctifer - Coelichneumon punctifer
Species sassacus - Coelichneumon sassacus
Species viola - Coelichneumon viola
Species vitalis - Coelichneumon vitalis
Genus Protichneumon
Species effigies - Protichneumon effigies
Species grandis - Protichneumon grandis
Genus Aoplus
Species confirmatus - Aoplus confirmatus
Species velox - Aoplus velox
Species thujarum - Aoplus thujarum
Species pseudovelox - Aoplus pseudovelox
Genus Barichneumon
Species peramoenus - Barichneumon peramoenus
Species sorex - Barichneumon sorex
Genus Ctenichneumon
Species columbianus - Ctenichneumon columbianus
Species minor - Ctenichneumon minor
Species semicaeruleus - Ctenichneumon semicaeruleus
Genus Hemihoplis
Species propitius - Hemihoplis propitius
Genus Homotherus
Species porcelariae - Homotherus porcelariae
No Taxon undescribed species
Genus Hoplismenus
Species rutilus - Hoplismenus rutilus
Subspecies rutilus - Hoplismenus rutilus rutilus
Species morulus - Hoplismenus morulus
Subspecies morulus - Hoplismenus morulus morulus
Subspecies pacificus - Hoplismenus morulus pacificus
Genus Ichneumon
Species ambulatorius - Ichneumon ambulatorius
Species annulatorius - Ichneumon annulatorius
Species centrator - Ichneumon centrator
Species chasmodops - Ichneumon chasmodops
Species clasma - Ichneumon clasma
Species devinctor - Ichneumon devinctor
Species dionymus - Ichneumon dionymus
Species feralis - Ichneumon feralis
Species feriens - Ichneumon feriens
Species fuscifrons - Ichneumon fuscifrons
Species lacrymans - Ichneumon lacrymans
Species laetus - Ichneumon laetus
Species lewisii - Ichneumon lewisii
Species mendax - Ichneumon mendax
Species nigrovariegatus - Ichneumon nigrovariegatus
Species subdolus - Ichneumon subdolus
Species ultimus - Ichneumon ultimus
No Taxon undescribed species 1
No Taxon undescribed species 2
No Taxon undescribed species 3
Genus Limonethe
Species maurator - Limonethe maurator
Genus Melanichneumon
Species disparilis - Melanichneumon disparilis
Species honestus - Melanichneumon honestus
Species leviculops - Melanichneumon leviculops
Species pluto - Melanichneumon pluto
Genus Menkokia
Species blandii - Menkokia blandii
Genus Orgichneumon
Species calcatorius - Orgichneumon calcatorius
Genus Vulgichneumon
Species brevicinctor - Vulgichneumon brevicinctor
Species terminalis - Vulgichneumon terminalis
Genus Patrocloides
Species montanus - Patrocloides montanus
Genus Plagiotrypes
Species concinnus - Plagiotrypes concinnus
Genus Platylabops
Species faciens - Ichneumon faciens
Species pecki - Platylabops pecki
Genus Pseudoplatylabus
Species townesi - Pseudoplatylabus townesi
Genus Rubicundiella
Species mucronata - Rubicundiella mucronata
Genus Stenichneumon
Species culpator - Stenichneumon culpator
Subspecies cincticornis - Stenichneumon culpator cincticornis
Genus Stenobarichneumon
Species saundersii - Stenobarichneumon saundersii
Species pygmaeops - Stenobarichneumon pygmaeops
Species pergracilis - Stenobarichneumon pergracilis
Genus Thyrateles
Species lugubrator - Thyrateles lugubrator
Genus Trogomorpha
Species trogiformis - Trogomorpha trogiformis
Species arrogans - Trogomorpha arrogans
Genus Virgichneumon
Species subcyaneus - Virgichneumon subcyaneus
Tribe Joppocryptini
Tribe Listrodromini
Genus Anisobas
Genus Neotypus
Species nobilitator - Neotypus nobilitator
Tribe Phaeogenini
Genus Aethecerus
Species parvus - Aethecerus parvus
Genus Centeterus
Genus Colpognathus
Species helvus - Colpognathus helvus
Genus Diadromus
Genus Dicaelotus
Genus Dirophanes
Species mellinus - Dirophanes mellinus
Genus Eparces
Species quadriceps - Eparces quadriceps
Genus Epitomus
Genus Herpestomus
Genus Heterischnus
Species coloradensis - Heterischnus coloradensis
Species huardi - Heterischnus huardi
Genus Jesthura
Species pyriformis - Jesthura pyriformis
Genus Phaeogenes
Species hebrus - Phaeogenes hebrus
Species nigridens - Phaeogenes nigridens
No Taxon undescribed species 1
No Taxon undescribed species 2
Genus Tycherus
Species ater - Tycherus ater
Tribe Platylabini
Genus Ambloplisus
Species ornatus - Ambloplisus ornatus
Genus Asthenolabus
Species scutellatus - Asthenolabus scutellatus
Species canadensis - Asthenolabus canadensis
Genus Cyclolabus
Species gracilicornis - Cyclolabus gracilicornis
No Taxon undescribed species
Genus Linycus
Species exhortator - Linycus exhortator
Subspecies thoracicus - Linycus exhortator thoracicus
Genus Platylabus
Species berndi - Platylabus berndi
Species clarus - Platylabus clarus
Species opaculus - Platylabus opaculus
Subspecies americanus - Platylabus opaculus americanus
Species ornatus - Platylabus ornatus