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Matamoras, Pennsylvania, USA
June 28, 2008
Attracted to lights around a flagpole.
I can add a cropped view if it will help with ID.

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Caddisfly Caddisfly

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Looks like another leptocerid but can't tell which genus. Interesting pattern, perhaps Ceraclea. Do you keep any material?

I've added a close-up in case it helps someone down the road. Unfortunately I don't collect insects unless I have a specific reason to be doing so. I realize that I should if I hope to get very far with identifying caddisflies, though.

collection of critters
It is not so much that caddis cannot be determined via color, etc. it is just that I cannot do it. The vast majority of folks collect caddis into liquid preservatives and the colors are then gone. And even the colors of live specimens such as this are much different than material that is pinned like butteflies/moths. I don't know why live caddis have neater colors than pinned material. That is partly what makes these pictures so fascinating to me. The skill of the photographers and the pictures themselves are the rest. I cannot take stuff like this in lab conditions.