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Green Lynx Spider - Peucetia viridans - female

Green Lynx Spider - Peucetia viridans - Female
San Jose, Santa Clara County, California, USA
November 11, 2007

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Green Lynx - looks like it to me
They're neat spiders. Wish I had them around here, live too far north.

Welcome to BugGuide!
Nice to have you here. I unlinked your images as they showed two different photo subjects -- a praying mantis and this spider. Linking images on this site (which is done by clicking on the "add image" link after submitting your first photo) should only be done when there are multiple images of the same specimen. Even if, for instance, you had two different pictures of a Green Lynx spider, but they were not the same spider, you would want to submit those as separate entries. If, on the other hand, you wanted to submit several more images showing different angles of the spider above, then that would be an appropriate time to link your images. Hope that helps to explain how we do things around here. Looking forward to seeing more of your images!

uploading images
Thanks for the tip.