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Promachus rufipes - male

Promachus rufipes - Male
Hutchins Pond, Calvert County, Maryland, USA
August 23, 2004
Size: at least 25mm
Please confirm or correct this ID. Thanks.

Promachus rufipes. I like people who try and guess robbers though. The Efferia and Albibarbs will have begger genitalia bulbs than these Promachus.

Actually I had initially settled on Promachus rufipes but then as I looked at more and more photos, I talked myself out of it. I appreciate your help.

I completely failed to notice this was rusty barbed wire that he was perched upon. Very nice shot. This genus is one of a handful of the robbers that have landed on me. They are pretty much fearless.

Legend correction plus male, I think
I changed the legend to the correct species name, I hope you don't mind. I believe, also, this is a male--that abdominal tip looks like it has claspers, not an ovipositor.

Nice, crisp photo, as all of yours are. I've enjoyed a glance through your web site, and look forward to seeing more contributions.

Patrick Coin
Durham, North Carolina

No problem...
I was just about to do that myself. Thanks.