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Centipede - Geophilus vittatus

Centipede - Geophilus vittatus
Harvard, Worcester County, Massachusetts, USA
October 29, 2005
Size: ~8cm
Found under bark on a dead tree. Would this be a soil centipede?

Moved from Soil Centipedes.

Geophilus vittatus
Unfortunately there doesn't appear to be a guide page for this one. G. vittatus is one of the commonest and largest geophilomorphs in the eastern U.S. It is also one of the only geophilomorphs that can be identified with just a top-down picture -- with most you need to look at details like the mouthparts, tarsal claws, ventral pore fields, etc. My ID is based on:

- dorsal diamond-shaped markings
- no tapering of the body width toward the head

Order Geophilomorpha; I don't
Order Geophilomorpha; I don't know genus, species, or family