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Centipede - Theatops posticus

Centipede - Theatops posticus
Till Ridge Cove, near Dillard, Georgia, USA
May 13, 2000


I have worked at an outdoor school for 12 years on the the west side of the Sierras in CA. We found a centipede like this about 5 inches long. Very agressive and wide as well. Would love to know what it is 'cause I've never seen one.

Cryptopidae: Plutoniuminae
Theatops posticus (Say, 1821), one 4 species of Theatops in the US and the more widespread of the 2 occurring east of the Mississippi River. Note the absence of ocelli and the 21 pairs of legs & pedal segments, which place the specimen in Cryptopidae. The enlarged, heavily sclerotized, forcipulate caudal legs and the longer ultimate segment (longer than any of the others) identify the specimen as Theatops.

Either Scolopocryptops or Theatops
The thickened cerci almost point to Theatops. How large was this animal?