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Infraorder Gerromorpha - Semiaquatic Bugs

Id request - Hydrometra australis immature Water Measurer - Hydrometra martini Water measurer - Hydrometra Hydrometrid - Hydrometra Walking Stick Bug? - Hydrometra Walking stick - Hydrometra Hydrometra sp., Marsh Treader - Hydrometra Water Measurer from south central Montana - Hydrometra

Water treader - Mesovelia mulsanti Mesovelia mulsanti White - Mesovelia mulsanti Water Treader IMG_2165 - Mesovelia - male - female Mesovelia mulsanti White - Mesovelia mulsanti Mesovelia mulsanti Unknown aquatic bug - Mesovelia Mesovelia ? - Mesovelia Mesovelia

Kayak pond skater, 6:20pm Bug ID Request - Microvelia Mating water striders - male - female Aquarius sp? - Aquarius remigis Water Strider IMG_0222 - Aquarius remigis Aquarius remigis?  - Aquarius remigis Water Strider nymphs? - Metrobates hesperius Microvelia? - Microvelia

Hebridae - Merragata hebroides - Merragata hebroides Tiny bug - Hebrus buenoi Velvet Water Bug - Hebrus burmeisteri Hebridae Mesovelia - Macrovelia hornii Merragata hebroides? - Merragata hebroides Macrovelia hornii Chinch bug look-alike with curious behaviour (under water) - Merragata hebroides