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Family Corydalidae - Dobsonflies and Fishflies

Big bug - Corydalus cornutus - female Dobson Fly Male - Corydalus cornutus - male Dobsonfly (DIN107) - Corydalus cornutus Scary looking - Corydalus cornutus - male On my porch at night.   - Corydalus texanus Beetle-like insect - Corydalus cornutus Unknown - Corydalus cornutus - male Corydalus cornutus

Stonefly? No: Nigronia serricornis Chauliodes pectinicornis Spring Fishfly Chauliodes rastricornis ? - Chauliodes rastricornis Western Dobsonfly? (Corydalus cognata) - Neohermes californicus Strange Insect ID - Chauliodes Vella americana or another species? - Chauliodes rastricornis Spring Fishfly - Chauliodes rastricornis - female Nigronia fasciata - Nigronia