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Camponotus - Camponotus decipiens

Camponotus - Camponotus decipiens
Montrose, Laurens County, Georgia, USA
December 9, 2009
Size: approx. 6mm
I stink as much at ID'ing ants as I do flies. I literally can't tell 'em apart. This big ape was tending some aphids on prunus whereas, normally, much smaller ants (we called them "sugar", or "honey-dew", ants back in the day) would be doing the honors. Was it just desperate for something to eat?

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Camponotus - Camponotus decipiens Camponotus - Camponotus decipiens

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Carpenter ant (Camponotus sp.) - minor worker
One of the several Southern bicolored species of the genus, red with a mainly black gaster. Humpbacked thorax and lack of ocelli distinguish these minor Carpenter ants from otherwise very similar Formica of the pallidefulva group.
Although less specialized than the small ants you quote, Carpenter ants are fond enough of honeydew.

Well, now I need to re-learn
what little I really know about ants. Intriguing. I have lived in Philadelphia, NY, Montreal, Boston, etc., etc. and invariably the ants identified as "carpenter" were black. I never knew they came bi-colored. Thank you, Richard.

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