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Subfamily Exoristinae

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Diptera - Flies
No Taxon Calyptratae
Superfamily Oestroidea
Family Tachinidae - Parasitic Flies
Subfamily Exoristinae

Tribe Acemyini
Genus Acemya
Genus Ceracia
Species dentata - Ceracia dentata
Tribe Blondeliini
Genus Anisia
Species flaveola - Anisia flaveola
Genus Admontia
Species degeerioides - Admontia degeerioides
Species nasoni - Admontia nasoni
Species rufochaeta - Admontia rufochaeta
Species pergandei - Admontia pergandei
Genus Blondelia
Genus Calolydella
Species lathami - Calolydella lathami
Genus Celatoria
Species diabroticae - Celatoria diabroticae
Genus Chaetostigmoptera
Species manca - Chaetostigmoptera manca
Genus Compsilura
Species concinnata - Compsilura concinnata
Genus Cryptomeigenia
Species demylus - Cryptomeigenia demylus
Species illinoiensis - Cryptomeigenia illinoiensis
Genus Eucelatoria
Species bryani - Eucelatoria bryani
Genus Istocheta
Species aldrichi - Winsome Fly
Genus Lixophaga
Genus Medina
Genus Meigenielloides
Species cinereus - Meigenielloides cinereus
Genus Myiopharus
Species doryphorae - Myiopharus doryphorae
Genus Oswaldia - Oswaldia 0
Genus Paracraspedothrix
Species angulicornis - Paracraspedothrix angulicornis
Genus Phasmophaga - Phasmophaga 0
Genus Phyllophilopsis
Species nitens - Phyllophilopsis nitens
Genus Thelairodoria
Species setinervis - Thelairodoria setinervis
Genus Vibrissina
Genus Zaira
Tribe Eryciini
Genus Acantholespesia
Species comstocki - Acantholespesia comstocki
Genus Carcelia
Species amplexa - Carcelia amplexa
Genus Drino
Genus Hubneria
Species estigmenensis - Hubneria estigmenensis
Genus Lespesia
Species archippivora - Lespesia archippivora
Species samiae - Lespesia samiae
Genus Madremyia
Species saundersii - Madremyia saundersii
Genus Myothyriopsis
Species picta - Myothyriopsis picta
Genus Phryxe
Species vulgaris - Phryxe vulgaris
Genus Siphosturmia
Species phyciodis - Siphosturmia phyciodis
Genus Tsugaea
Species nox - Tsugaea nox
Tribe Ethillini
Genus Neoethilla - Neoethilla 0
Tribe Exoristini
Genus Austrophorocera
Genus Bessa
Species harveyi - Bessa harveyi
Genus Chetogena
No Taxon subgenus Stomatomyia
Species tachinomoides - Chetogena tachinomoides
Genus Exorista
Species dydas - Exorista dydas
No Taxon larvarum or mella
Species larvarum - Exorista larvarum
Genus Parasetigena
Species silvestris - Parasetigena silvestris
Genus Phorocera
Species webberi - Phorocera webberi
Genus Tachinomyia
Tribe Goniini
Genus Atacta
Species brasiliensis - Atacta brasiliensis
Genus Belvosia
Species bifasciata - Belvosia bifasciata
Species borealis - Belvosia borealis
Species canadensis - Belvosia canadensis
Species semiflava - Belvosia semiflava
Species townsendi - Belvosia townsendi
Species unifasciata - Belvosia unifasciata
Genus Chaetogaedia
Genus Chrysoexorista
Species ochracea - Chrysoexorista ochracea
Genus Distichona
Species kansensis - Distichona kansensis
Genus Gonia
Species brevipulvilli - Gonia brevipulvilli
Species crassicornis - Gonia crassicornis
Species frontosa - Gonia frontosa
Species fuscicollis - Gonia fuscicollis
Species sagax - Gonia sagax
Species senilis - Gonia senilis
Genus Hyphantrophaga
Species virilis - Hyphantrophaga virilis
Genus Leschenaultia
Species adusta - Leschenaultia adusta
Species bicolor - Leschenaultia bicolor
Species exul - Leschenaultia exul
Species halisidotae - Leschenaultia halisidotae
Species reinhardi - Leschenaultia reinhardi
Genus Mystacella
Species chrysoprocta - Mystacella chrysoprocta
Genus Onychogonia
Genus Patelloa
Species pachypyga - Patelloa pachypyga
Genus Platymya
Species confusionis - Platymya confusionis
Genus Spallanzania
Species hebes - Spallanzania hebes
Tribe Masiphyini
Genus Masiphya
Tribe Winthemiini
Genus Nemorilla
Species pyste - Nemorilla pyste
Genus Smidtia
Species fumiferanae - Smidtia fumiferanae
Genus Winthemia
Species abdominalis - Winthemia abdominalis
Species quadripustulata - Winthemia quadripustulata
Species reinhardi - Winthemia reinhardi
Species rufopicta - Winthemia rufopicta
Genus Neomintho