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Chrysomelid - Zeugophora abnormis

Chrysomelid - Zeugophora abnormis
Bow River, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
June 20, 2008
Size: 5 mm
Syneta sp.? Taken from riparian vegetation along the river; sorry about the bad condition of the specimen- this was collected and mounted long before I started pointing my small stuff (will frass if necessary).

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Chrysomelid - Zeugophora abnormis Chrysomelid - Zeugophora abnormis

Thanks Rob
it sure looks like it....seems to be rare- I have not found subsequent specimens since...

Zeugophora abnormis
I think this is Zeugophora abnormis. Compare with a type specimen here

Ed Riley says, "Zeugophora is a mess - that's a good guess"
[i do not know whether the rhyme was intentional. =v=]

maybe it was :)
maybe it was :)


Moved from ID Request.

check Zeugophora

now I feel bad for it as I didn't realize it was something uncommon- will see whether I can find another specimen this season.

you should feel bad more often, Tim :)
you routinely collect very nice stuff, well worth meticulous preservation -- and cleaning, too.
i always tried to clean every interesting specimen, mechanically (thin paintbrush, 000 ento pins) and/or 'chemically' (by keeping in diluted EtOH or aqueous detergent/soap solution, etc) -- they look pristine after that