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Madera Canyon rest stop, Hwy 118, Jeff Davis County, Texas, USA
June 28, 1999
Collected at UV lights

Curated in the EGRC

Eastern Gambia Regulatory Commission?

See here

if the reader assumes that it represents an official repository (and also knows about the list) vs. the name of a park, preserve or governmental agency or whatever whose collections are informal or in some other way unregistered or unofficial or even non-existent. Simply put, you know what the acronym signifies; many (most) don't, which makes it annoying, and which prompted the invented alternative title. It smacks of "I'm in the know" and then there are the rest of you, and, well, who cares? :-)

Depository not germane to det or bug's biology...
Skip, I'm sorry you felt offended but not knowing the collection's acronym. I don't consider the name of the depository particularly germane to the identification or the biology of the species... My greatest beef is with folks who post pix/taxa w/o any biology, but I don't call those people out. There's a line I have to draw betw. providing as much info as possible per pic/taxon and posting more pix/taxa... I've posted over 2,000 pix/taxa so far as well as commenting on probably 1000s more and am constantly working to post more. Please consider posting a few hundred pix/taxa (and at least something about yourself) before calling someone else out. Thanks, Mike