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Mantis Egg Sac - Mantis religiosa

Mantis Egg Sac - Mantis religiosa
Elizabeth, Elbert County, Colorado, USA
My fist submission, hope its in the proper place, if not please advise.

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WOW....this is a GREAT photo !
A top view, a profile -- and a just emerging embryo!

Great photo.

cute little fellas
My guess strictly based on the majority of mantids I saw in Jefferson County is European mantis, but I've never seen any this young. I could be way off :)
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I don't think so...
I collected a European mantis ootheca a few years ago and the hatchlings were a pale pinkish color, so I'm guessing these are... something else. Maybe some kind of Stagmomantis? Not sure what other options there might be in that area.

The freshly hatched nymphs ar
The freshly hatched nymphs are oink but when they dry out they turn black

these are tanned
These are tanned European mantid nymphs. ;) Your pink ones didn't use sunscreen. Hah, hah..

Thank you both, I'm still try
Thank you both, I'm still trying to find my way around. Looking forward to learning as well as sharing.

If you were hoping
that someone might be able to identify the species of your mantids, then this is a perfectly good place for your image. Alternatively--since you already know, in a general way, what you've got--you might have placed it in Order Mantodea (there's even a section there for unidentified oothecae and hatchlings). It's really your call.

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