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Subphylum Myriapoda - Myriapods

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Myriapoda - Myriapods

Class Chilopoda - Centipedes
Order Lithobiomorpha - Stone Centipedes
Family Lithobiidae
Genus Arebius
Species diplonyx - Arebius diplonyx
Genus Arenobius
Species manegitus - Arenobius manegitus
Genus Bothropolys
Species xanti - Bothropolys xanti
Species multidentatus - Bothropolys multidentatus
Genus Ethopolys
Species positivus - Ethopolys positivus
Genus Gosibius
Species angelicus - Gosibius angelicus
Species paucidens - Gosibius paucidens
Species montereus - Gosibius montereus
Species monicus - Gosibius monicus
Species intermedius - Gosibius intermedius
Genus Lithobius
Species forficatus - Brown Centipede
Species melanops - Lithobius melanops
Species peregrinus - Lithobius peregrinus
Species microps - Lithobius microps
Genus Neolithobius
Genus Nothembius
Species aberrans - Nothembius aberrans
Species insulae - Nothembius insulae
Genus Paitobius
Species zinus - Paitobius zinus
Genus Pokabius
Species disantus - Pokabius disantus
Species clavigerens - Pokabius clavigerens
Genus Tigobius
Species paralus - Tigobius paralus
Genus Typhlobius
Species kebus - Typhlobius kebus
Family Henicopidae
Genus Lamyctes
Species africanus - Lamyctes africanus
Species caeculus - Lamyctes caeculus
Species emarginatus - Lamyctes emarginatus
Genus Zygethobius
Species ecologus - Zygethobius ecologus
Species pontis - Zygethobius pontis
Order Geophilomorpha - Soil Centipedes
Family Geophilidae
Genus Geophilus
Species flavus - Boreal Yellow-headed Soil Centipede
Species oweni - Great Plains Soil Centipede
Species varians - Geophilus varians
Species mordax - Pitted Soil Centipede
Species vittatus - Diamondback Soil Centipede
Genus Arenophilus
Species bipuncticeps - Northern Short-clawed Centipede
Species iugans - Arenophilus iugans
Genus Arctogeophilus
Species umbraticus - Eastern Saw-toothed Centipede
Genus Pachymerium
Species ferrugineum - Long-jawed Shore-crawler
Genus Strigamia
Species bidens - Strigamia bidens
Species bothriopus - Strigamia bothriopus
Species branneri - Strigamia branneri
Species chionophila - Strigamia chionophila
Species fusata - Strigamia fusata
Species epileptica - Strigamia epileptica
Genus Taiyuna
Species claremontus - Taiyuna claremontus
Species isantus - Taiyuna isantus
Species moderata - Taiyuna moderata
Genus Henia
Species vesuviana - White-Striped Centipede
Genus Zygona
Species duplex - Zygona duplex
Family Himantariidae
Genus Garriscaphus
Species amplus - Garriscaphus amplus
Family Linotaeniidae
Family Mecistocephalidae
Genus Dicellophilus
Species anomalus - Dicellophilus anomalus
Species limatus - Dicellophilus limatus
Family Schendylidae
Genus Escaryus
Genus Nyctunguis
Genus Schendyla
Species nemorensis - Schendyla nemorensis
Order Scutigeromorpha - House Centipedes
Family Scutigeridae
Genus Dendrothereua
Species homa - Arizona House Centipede
Genus Scutigera
Species coleoptrata - House Centipede
Genus Thereuonema
Species tuberculata - Thereuonema tuberculata
Order Scolopendromorpha - Bark Centipedes
Family Cryptopidae
Genus Cryptops
Species leucopodus - Cryptops leucopodus
Species hortensis - Common Cryptops
Family Scolopendridae
Genus Arthrorhabdus
Species pygmaeus - Arthrorhabdus pygmaeus
Genus Hemiscolopendra
Species marginata - Eastern Bark Centipede
Genus Scolopendra
Species alternans - Scolopendra alternans
Species heros - Giant Redheaded Centipede
Species polymorpha - Common Desert Centipede
Species viridis - Florida Blue Centipede
Family Scolopocryptopidae
Genus Scolopocryptops
Species gracilis - Scolopocryptops gracilis
Species rubiginosus - Scolopocryptops rubiginosus
Species sexspinosus - Scolopocryptops sexspinosus
Species spinicaudus - Scolopocryptops spinicaudus
Species nigridius - Scolopocryptops nigridius
Species peregrinator - Scolopocryptops peregrinator
Family Plutoniumidae
Genus Theatops
Species spinicaudus - Theatops spinicaudus
Species posticus - Theatops posticus
Species californiensis - Theatops californiensis
Class Diplopoda - Millipedes
Order Polyxenida - Bristly Millipedes
Family Polyxenidae
Genus Polyxenus
Species lagurus - Polyxenus lagurus
Order Glomerida - Northern Pill Millipedes
Family Protoglomeridae
Genus Glomeroides
Species primus - Glomeroides primus
Family Glomeridae
Genus Onomeris
Order Platydesmida
Family Andrognathidae
Genus Andrognathus
Species corticarius - Cope's Noodle Millipede
Genus Brachycybe
Species lecontii - Brachycybe lecontii
Species petasata - Brachycybe petasata
Species producta - Brachycybe producta
Species rosea - Brachycybe rosea
Genus Gosodesmus
Species claremontus - Gosodesmus claremontus
Genus Ischnocybe
Species plicata - Ischnocybe plicata
Order Polyzoniida
Family Hirudisomatidae
Genus Octoglena
Species anura - Octoglena anura
Species bivirgata - Octoglena bivirgata
Family Polyzoniidae
Genus Petaserpes
Species cryptocephalus - Petaserpes cryptocephalus
Species strictus - Petaserpes strictus
Genus Bdellozonium
Species cerviculatum - Bdellozonium cerviculatum
Family Siphonotidae
Genus Rhinotus
Species purpureus - Rhinotus purpureus
Order Julida
Family Blaniulidae
Genus Blaniulus
Species guttulatus - Spotted Snake Millipede
Genus Choneiulus
Species palmatus - Choneiulus palmatus
Genus Proteroiulus
Species fuscus - Proteroiulus fuscus
Family Julidae
Genus Brachyiulus
Genus Cylindroiulus
Species punctatus - Blunt-tailed Snake Millipede
Species truncorum - Cylindroiulus truncorum
Species caeruleocinctus - Cylindroiulus caeruleocinctus
Genus Ophyiulus
Species pilosus - Ophyiulus pilosus
Genus Julus
Species scandinavius - Julus scandinavius
Family Nemasomatidae
Genus Orinisobates
Species expressus - Orinisobates expressus
Family Okeanobatidae
Genus Okeanobates
Species americanus - Okeanobates americanus
Family Parajulidae
Tribe Aniulini
Genus Aniulus
Species orientalis - Aniulus orientalis
Species garius - Aniulus garius
Genus Oriulus
Species venustus - Oriulus venustus
Genus Bollmaniulus
Genus Litiulus
Species alaskanus - Litiulus alaskanus
Genus Ptyoiulus
Species impressus - Ptyoiulus impressus
Genus Uroblaniulus
Species carolinensis - Uroblaniulus carolinensis
Family Paeromopodidae
Genus Californiulus
Species chamberlini - Californiulus chamberlini
Species dorsovittatus - Californiulus dorsovittatus
Species euphanus - Californiulus euphanus
Species yosemitensis - Californiulus yosemitensis
Genus Paeromopus
Species angusticeps - Paeromopus angusticeps
Subspecies buttensis - Paeromopus angusticeps buttensis
Subspecies angusticeps - Paeromopus angusticeps angusticeps
Order Spirobolida
Family Atopetholidae
Genus Atopetholus
Species angelus - Atopetholus angelus
Genus Comanchelus
Genus Onychelus
Species obustus - Onychelus obustus
Genus Watichelus
Family Rhinocricidae
Genus Anadenobolus
Species monilicornis - Yellow-banded Millipede
Genus Eurhinocricus
Family Spirobolidae
Genus Chicobolus
Species spinigerus - Florida Ivory Millipede
Genus Hiltonius
Species pulchrus - Hiltonius pulchrus
Species hebes - Hiltonius hebes
Genus Narceus
Species americanus-annularis-complex - Narceus americanus/annularis complex
Species gordanus - Narceus gordanus
Genus Tylobolus
Species claremontus - Tylobolus claremontus
Species uncigerus - Tylobolus uncigerus
Genus Floridobolus
Species floydi - Floridobolus floydi
Species orini - Floridobolus orini
Species penneri - Floridobolus penneri
Family Allopocockiidae - Allopocockiidae 0
Family Trigoniulidae
Genus Trigoniulus
Species corallinus - Rusty millipede
Order Spirostreptida
Family Cambalidae
Genus Cambala
Species annulata - Cambala annulata
Species minor - Cambala minor
Family Choctellidae
Genus Choctella
Species cumminsi - Choctella cumminsi
Family Spirostreptidae
Genus Orthoporus
Species flavior - Orthoporus flavior
Species ornatus - Orthoporus ornatus
Species texicolens - Orthoporus texicolens
Order Callipodida - Crested Millipedes
Family Tynommatidae
Genus Colactis
Genus Tynomma
Genus Diactis
Family Abacionidae
Genus Abacion
Species magnum - Abacion magnum
Species tesselatum - Abacion tesselatum
Species texensis - Abacion texensis
Order Chordeumatida
Family Anthroleucosomatidae
Genus Leschius
Species mcallisteri - Leschius mcallisteri
Family Caseyidae
Genus Caseya
Genus Opiona
Species columbiana - Opiona columbiana
Genus Underwoodia
Species iuloides - Underwoodia iuloides
Genus Vasingtona
Species irritans - Vasingtona irritans
Genus Ochrogramma
Species bentona - Ochrogramma bentona
Family Cleidogonidae
Genus Pseudotremia
Genus Cleidogona
Species major - Cleidogona major
Species fustis - Cleidogona fustis
Family Conotylidae
Genus Austrotyla
Species stephensoni - Austrotyla stephensoni
Genus Conotyla
Species blakei - Conotyla blakei
Species ocypetes - Conotyla ocypetes
Family Craspedosomatidae
Genus Craspedosoma
Species rawlinsii - Craspedosoma rawlinsii
Family Rhiscosomididae
Genus Rhiscosomides
Species meineri - Rhiscosomides meineri
Family Striariidae
Genus Striaria
Family Tingupidae
Family Trichopetalidae
Genus Causeyella
Genus Scoterpes
Species sollmani - Scoterpes sollmani
Genus Trichopetalum
Species lunatum - Trichopetalum lunatum
Species uncum - Trichopetalum uncum
Order Polydesmida - Flat-backed Millipedes
Family Eurymerodesmidae
Genus Eurymerodesmus
Species melacis - Eurymerodesmus melacis
Family Euryuridae
Genus Euryurus
Species carolinensis - Euryurus carolinensis
Species erythropygos - Euryurus erythropygos
Species evides - Euryurus evides
Species leachii - Euryurus leachii
Family Macrosternodesmidae
Genus Tidesmus
Species episcopus - Tidesmus episcopus
Family Nearctodesmidae
Genus Harpogonopus
Species confluentus - Harpogonopus confluentus
Genus Kepolydesmus
Species anderisus - Kepolydesmus anderisus
Genus Nearctodesmus
Species salix - Nearctodesmus salix
Family Paradoxosomatidae
Genus Akamptogonus
Species novarae - Akamptogonus novarae
Genus Chondromorpha
Species xanthotricha - Chondromorpha xanthotricha
Genus Orthomorpha
Species coarctata - Orthomorpha coarctata
Genus Oxidus
Species gracilis - Greenhouse Millipede
Family Polydesmidae
Genus Polydesmus
Genus Pseudopolydesmus
Species canadensis - Pseudopolydesmus canadensis
Species erasus - Pseudopolydesmus erasus
Species paludicolus - Pseudopolydesmus paludicolus
Species serratus - Pseudopolydesmus serratus
Species collinus - Pseudopolydesmus collinus
Species pinetorum - Pseudopolydesmus pinetorum
Genus Scytonotus
Species bergrothi - Scytonotus bergrothi
Species granulatus - Granulated Millipede
Family Pyrgodesmidae
Genus Poratia
Species disparata - Poratia disparata
Genus Myrmecodesmus
Family Sphaeriodesmidae
Genus Desmonus
Species pudicus - Desmonus pudicus
Family Xystodesmidae
Tribe Apheloriini
Genus Apheloria
Species montana - Apheloria montana
Species tigana - Apheloria tigana
Species virginiensis - Apheloria virginiensis
Subspecies corrugata - Apheloria virginiensis corrugata
Subspecies reducta - Apheloria virginiensis reducta
Subspecies virginiensis - Apheloria virginiensis virginiensis
No Taxon unnamed and undescribed form
No Taxon suspected unnamed species
Genus Brachoria - Appalachian Mimic Millipedes
Genus Furcillaria
Genus Rudiloria
Species trimaculata - Rudiloria trimaculata
Genus Sigmoria
Species aequalis - Sigmoria aequalis
Species ainsliei - Sigmoria ainsliei
Species australis - Sigmoria australis
Species bidens - Sigmoria bidens
Species disjuncta - Sigmoria disjuncta
Species latior - Sigmoria latior
Species nantahalae - Sigmoria nantahalae
Species nigrimontis - Sigmoria nigrimontis
Species plancus - Sigmoria plancus
Species rubromarginata - Sigmoria rubromarginata
Tribe Chonaphini
Genus Chonaphe
Genus Montaphe
Species elrodi - Montaphe elrodi
Genus Selenocheir
Species sinuata - Selenocheir sinuata
Genus Semionellus
Species placidus - Semionellus placidus
Tribe Nannariini
Genus Nannaria
Species cingulata - Nannaria cingulata
Species hardeni - Nannaria hardeni
Species ohionis - Nannaria ohionis
Species terricola - Nannaria terricola
Tribe Rhysodesmini
Genus Boraria
Species deturkiana - Boraria deturkiana
Species infesta - Boraria infesta
Species stricta - Boraria stricta
Genus Cherokia
Species georgiana - Cherokia georgiana
Subspecies latassa - Cherokia georgiana latassa
Subspecies georgiana - Cherokia georgiana georgiana
Genus Dicellarius
Species lamprus - Dicellarius lamprus
Genus Gyalostethus
Species monticolens - Gyalostethus monticolens
Genus Pachydesmus
Species crassicutis - Pachydesmus crassicutis
Genus Pleuroloma
Species cala - Pleuroloma cala
Species flavipes - Pleuroloma flavipes
Genus Rhysodesmus
Species texicolens - Rhysodesmus texicolens
Tribe Sigmocheirini
Genus Sigmocheir
Tribe Xystocheirini
Genus Motyxia
Genus Xystocheir
Species dissecta - Xystocheir dissecta
Subspecies taibona - Xystocheir dissecta taibona
Species brachymacris - Xystocheir brachymacris
Tribe Xystodesmini
Genus Harpaphe
Species haydeniana - Harpaphe haydeniana
Genus Orophe
Species unicus - Orophe unicus
Genus Thrinaphe
Species hargeri - Thrinaphe hargeri
Order Siphonophorida
Class Symphyla - Symphylans
Class Pauropoda - Pauropodans
Order Tetramerocerata
Family Brachypauropodidae
Superfamily Eurypauropodoidea
Family Pauropodidae
Genus Allopauropus
Species carolinensis - Allopauropus carolinensis 0
Genus Decapauropus
Species lambertoni - Decapauropus lambertoni
Genus Pauropus
Species huxleyi - Pauropus huxleyi
Family Polypauropodidae