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Earwig - Euborellia annulipes - female

Earwig - Euborellia annulipes - Female
Lady Lake, Lake County, Florida, USA
November 10, 2005
Size: 20mm
Walking across my driveway in the morning.

Hi, I'm doing a school project on bugs and need to identify an insect it looks a lot like this but I live in Australia, not America. Is it possible I have the same sort of insect? I mean does that species of earwig live in Australia too??? I found it under a log its is also around 20mm long.

Maritime earwig?
This looks like it could be a specimen of Anisolabis, the maritime earwig, especially considering the size given.

Doesn't Anisolabis have uniform antenna and leg color? This one has a pale antenna segment (third from the end), and dark markings on the legs, like one would expect from a Euborellia.

On closer examination, I agree, Chuck. Nice catch!