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Subfamily Cecidomyiinae - Gall Midges

Pin oak gall - Polystepha pilulae leaf galls on sawtooth sunflower - Pilodiplosis helianthibulla galls on Basswood - Contarinia verrucicola Hickory gall  - Caryomyia subulata Oak gall - Macrodiplosis majalis Grape Insect - Asphondylia insect gall - Polystepha pilulae Cecidomyiidae, Stenodiplosis larvae in cocoons - Stenodiplosis

wasp from a gall - Asteromyia tumifica - male galls on Goldenrod leaf - Rhopalomyia inquisitor-maybe Rhopalomyia californica gall with odd hole - Rhopalomyia californica leaf spot gall vs. fungus - Asteromyia carbonifera Ocellate Gall Midge - Acericecis ocellaris Maple Leaf Galls, maybe Dasineura communis - Dasineura communis Cecidomyiidae larvae - Dasineura Cecidomyiidae, spent pupa, lateral - Dasineura

gall midge Wild Grape Leaf Spot Maker ID Request Flower gall Flower gall Bioblitz Durham NC stem galls on Baccharis halimifolia Rhopalia californica 2015 2 Cecidomyiidae, prairie grass Cecidomyiidae, prairie grass Cecidomyiidae, woodland Eutrochium