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#400 - Bembidion impotens

#400 - Bembidion impotens
Medford, (~25 miles east of Philadelphia, PA) Burlington County, New Jersey, USA
July 6, 2009
Size: 3.0mm
I'd like to submit this nicely patterned Bembidon as species #400 for my backyard beetle count. And if it turns out to be a dupe, well I'm a couple over already anyway but just didn't mark the number before. I started out a little slow in 2006, but through 2009 this is also 4 years of collecting for this count (mostly blacklighting), and 4 wonderful years of BugGuide. Thanks everyone!

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#400 - Bembidion impotens #400 - Bembidion impotens

Moved from Bembidion.

Bembidion impotens
based on my microscopic examination of this specimen which is now a photo-voucher in the P.W.Messer collection. Differs from closely related B. versicolor by entire dorsum very shiny due to absent microsculpture. Thanks Tim.

thanks Peter,
For all your IDs! It has been very rewarding to see these carabid images reach their final destination. But this one, being my 400th diversity species, is especially joyous! Thanks again for taking the time to look at these!

Happy 400th!
Tim, you should start thinking about where you might publish at least an annotated checklist of the species on your property. A site-time sampling such as yours certainly has scientific value from many different viewpoints. It could well serve as a baseline for future comparisons of changing species biodiversity in the New Jersey area. Keep up the good collecting and very nice photography!

Near Bembidion versicolor :)
but probably not that species...the antennae of your specimen look too pale; B. versicolor has at least the 2nd basal segment darkened. I suspect this is B. impotens, a common species in your area.