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Obtuse Euchlaena female - Euchlaena obtusaria - female

Obtuse Euchlaena female - Euchlaena obtusaria - Female
Town of Baileys Harbor, Hidden Corners Sanctuary, Door County, Wisconsin, USA
July 1, 2001
Female came to outside light; laid eggs, eggs hatched July 12, 2001. At first, thought moth was a Saw-Wing (Euchlaena serrata), fed Maple and Apple. When I found out real ID, switched to Carolina Rose (Rosa carolina). Caterpillars were still eating at 91 days old, ran out of food plant after a frost. It appeared that they weren't going to pupate, placed them in cold fruit cellar for the winter. The caterpillars were still clinging to the Rose stem. They stayed that way all winter. When I took them out of the fruit cellar on May 15, 2002, the caterpillars were dead.

Obtuse Euchlaena
Janice J. Stiefel The common name of this moth is OBTUSE Euchlaena, not Obtis Euchlaena. OBTUSE comes from the species name, obtusaria.