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Grape Leaf Beetle 1 - Pelidnota punctata

Grape Leaf Beetle 1 - Pelidnota punctata
Jim Thorpe, PA 18229, Carbon County, Pennsylvania, USA
Size: 1 inch or so
We have alot of Grape Vines and find alot of these

Found one on my deck tonight in Bogota, NJ
I found one of these “little” guys on my deck tonight.
It was clinging onto the plastic support for my hanging planter where I planted some petunias. Very pretty. Of course I touched it with a leaf and it fell off. I quickly came to my senses and it grabbed back onto the leaf and I put it back. Which...led me to this site to identify it.

So glad to finally be able to
So glad to finally be able to identify! Found one in Gallatin, TN about 3 years ago! Absolutely gorgeous. When I found it, I brought it home with me in a different city in TN and every year, it comes out during summer.

Grape Leaf Beetle, Hellertown, (Central Eastern) Pa
Moving rotting tree trunk rounds, I have found dozens of the larvae but today found three of these large beetles still burrowed in the wood. They range in color from more beige to the same as above - a bit orange?

I thought they were spectacular - and they are. Nature has given us such beauty. What are we doing with it?

First time I've seen this one here.
Found it on the front porch, not near anything resembling grapes. Quite an urban neighborhood, just outside of Boston. But there are some neighbors who have a trellis and vines on some blocks nearby.

The ants are trying to abscond with the carcass.

Grape Vine Beetle in Kansas
I found one of these beetles hanging out on one of the leaves of a beet plant in my vegetable garden. This is a new one for me. I had to bring it in and identify. Thanks for the picture.

Interesting beetle!
One of these beetles flew into my house after flying around my porch light last night in Southern WV. My kids and I studied this beetle for a while. The red antennae came out as we watched it; they pronged at the ends with three very small strands - so neat!

I just found one of these on a grape leaf in northern New York. It's July and they've eaten about 1/4 of the leaves down to the bones. But honestly I'd rather have the beetles than the leaves. :-)

Montreal, Quebec
Hi there,

My co-worker just found one of these outside our office building at McGill University, at the foot of Mount Royal, Peel and Pine(I tried to insert a Map here but the page wouldn't allow it.)

Montreal Quebec
Found one of these flying around my apartment at 1:30 am what a noise maker..LOL is this a little far north for these little critters?

Well, we don't have a picture from Quebec
(see data map), so if you could get a good shot of one it would expand our data. We do have one image from Ontario, though the contributor did not give an exact location so I don't know how far north it was.

Grapeleaf Bettle
Had one of these awsome bettles on me screen door last nite.. I have to say it was a very interesting betttle

Had one on my screen door las
Had one on my screen door last nite in Newport,Mi..

Grape Leaf Beetle
Found one of these guys on my moonflower vines, I live in West Mifflin, Pa. Does anyone know if they will eat the plants?, they are just budding out and I sure would like to see some of the flowers.

Grape Leaf Beetle
Find these awesome insects clinging to my screens in the month of June. My son finally held one a saw that they are harmless. I live in York, Pa. and have no grapeleaves in the vicinity but I'm glad they visit.

grapeleaf beetle
We just found the same beetle on our back screen door, we live in Crest Hill, IL. It was huge when we went to check it out it took off into a hole in the cement. It was the biggest beetle I've seen alive in this area, interesting.

Just found on on my screen do
Just found on on my screen door in Batavia, Illinois! I have never seen one before before until about 5 minutes ago. I was dying to know what it was so I googled 'yellow beetle black dots' and ended up on this site. Extremely interesting if you ask me.

Rose Bush
The overwhelmingly beautiful and bee full rose bush has a few Japanese beetles and I got five of these today. In Massachusetts!

Grapevine Beetle
My neighbors have grapevines, but I have never seen one of these ever, until yesterday. I live in Southern Lancaster County, PA. Mine was clinging, dead, to my hedge, which I was in the middle of trimming. Identical to the one pictured, except the legs were lighter in color - a reddish brown - as opposed to black. The body also appeared to be a slightly more tan color, but the difference could be due to lighting or hue in the photo.

Grape Leaf Beetle
Just found one in my backyard in Berkley, MI.

Just found one in Central Northeast Indiana
I just found one of these beetles on the back steps of the house. I had tossed a few grapes out the back door just a few days ago, and now look who came to visit. This is the first one I've seen here in Indiana.

Grape Leaf Beetle
We picked one of these large beetles off the grapevines in the yard. I don't remember seeing one before, but I couldn't miss it!

Just found my first one here in Westland, Michigan. I have no grape vines around anywhere, mine is a little more tan color. But it has the spots just yours.

Grapevine beetle
Last year my neighbor was digging around a rotting silver maple stump. She came across some grubs, and immediately called me. I dug up about 40 of them to feed to my pet turtle (Carolina triunguis). Before she could eat them all, they metamorphosed into adults. This year I took only what my turtle could eat. Now I know what they are. Thank you Bug Guide.

Grape Vine Beetle
I laughed when I saw the photo and location (Jim Thorpe,PA). Spotted this crawling up the deck just 'up the road' in Gibson, Pa, Aug 24 '08. I'm a bug boy, but never saw this one before. No (or very few) grapes around: Beech, Hemlock, Sugar Maple, Raspberry, Elderberry. Nice pic ... easy ID. Thanks

Grapevine beetle
I'm in a Southwest suburb of Chicago and woke up to one of these on my screen door. No grapevines around here so maybe just hangin' out. Thanks for the picture though. I've been searching the internet for about an hour and glad I finally have a name.

Grape Leaf Beetle Oshawa, Ontario, CA
I recently found 2 of these in my pussy willow tree (1 was slightly bigger than 1 inch and the other was about 3/4"). Never seen them before in our garden and we've been here for 35 years! No grapevines in sight. Thanks for the great photo - I've been trying to identify for hours. It just so happens that the same tree is infested with what looks like 'grape flea beetles'. (Small blackish green metallic beetles.) They are skeletanizing our leaves. Any suggestions on how to control?

Sounds like imported willow leaf beetle
see guide for more info. I personally wouldn't worry about control - the season will be over soon and willows are generally tough plants. The guide page has a link to a fact sheet with more info.

Grape Leef Beetle
I live in Chicago, found three eating in grapevines attached to my tree out back. I have an excellent photo frontal view of it on the leaf.

more in south milwaukee
We just found another one in South Milwaukee. Not near any plants tho. It was upside down but still alive. Really cool looking.

Found One
we found one of these in my yard on lake huron in northeast michigan.

Grape Leaf
We found one in South Milwaukee,just to let you know

I live in Massachusetts and I just found one of these guy clinging onto my back porch screen door. I brought him inside hoping to find out what kinda beetle he was. My guy's a good inch long and I never been up close and personal with a beetle that large (seeing as I'm not really a bug persion. At all.).

My son just brought one of th
My son just brought one of these (long dead) in and wondered what is was, other than "cool" of course. Thanks to this site we now know. It was found on the sidewalk near some hostas on the far southwest side of Chicago...not a grapevine for miles! Maybe they eat grape-looking house ivy?

I have seen one reference to their feeding on hardwoods
as well as grape vines. No details were given. You'd be surprised how urban grapes can be, though - birds seed them all over the place.

Our data map shows where the images we have came from - it has a very wide range.

thanks for the i.d.!
I was just out picking dozens of little black/green beetles off my grapevine for the second year in a row, and was startled to find three mating pairs of these! I scooped two into a tupperware and brought them in hoping to identify them. This picture is exactly them! Thanks! Now - should I worry about them devouring the grape? I wish they would scare away those smaller beetles! St Paul, MN, July 11, 2008.

These aren't nearly as much t
These aren't nearly as much trouble as the Japanese Beetles which I think you mean by "little black/green" . I find one Grapevine beetle per like 10,000 Japanese Beetles!

BTW-Lizards, frogs and toads will eat the smaller Japanese Beetles.

grapevine beetle
In found one of these on my back porch this evening in northeastern CT July 26th 2007. I don't recall seeing them before this year. We have a lot of grapevines that grow through the tree-line behind my house so this makes sense.

We have alot of grapevines he
We have alot of grapevines here-still I only a few of these every year-maybe 4 at the most. So far this year-only 1.

grapevine beetle
I just found two of these on my way overgrown Concord grape. Do they damage the vine?

The adult beetles eat grape leaves
and may also eat fruit if available. They are not considered a serious pest, though. Lots more info and links are in our guide page here.

Nice one!
Yet another example of the dark legs on the northern ones. Lovely shot, too. Do you have a date for it? So far we only have a July report for PA.

I know I took the photo late July 2004-caught a night flying and it landed on me. I caught 3 the same night-different colours.
I'm pulling up some old files of -and I'll see if they have the exactly or approx dates still on them.

I can't tell if they are male or female though.


Are you scanning photos?
I was wondering why you didn't have dates, as I thought digital cameras always included them in the file info. That's how I always know mine - except for when I change my batteries without turning off my camera, and it resets to 01/01/2000 - I have a lot of files dated January because I rarely catch that immediately!

It's somthing in moving them from Camera to PC to CD to PC again
no -most aren't'scanned-but the PC changes the data when moved from on storage place to another-creates new file dates when I move them-which is annoying and I didn't realize it-I just started putting the dates into the file names-then I will have that info and it won't be changed. and my photo editor-erases the embedded info.argh!! That won't happen if I used photoshop to edit-but I'm still learning that.


Ah, technical irritations -
sorry to hear that. I'll stop asking you if you have dates on your pictures! :)

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