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Anatomy of a Spider

Anatomy of a Spider
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epigyhum = epigyne
pedipalp = palpus = palp
thoracic furrrow = foveal or dorsal groove

This page and the rest of bug guide is giving me so much help in my studies , thank you , Paula .

Excellent - glad to hear it.
Feel free to post questions to the forums on the Arachnological forum too

Moved from True Spiders. Just thought these fit together better on the main spider page.

Crab spider ID requested
Hello, I have a little fellow in a bottle beside me and am having trouble identifying its type. I was surprised to find it in a kitchen cupboard in my home here in the Montreal area. I first thought it was a crab spider because of the claw like appendages it is waving around but they are not the first two legs. Instead they seem to be very oversized pedipalps in comparison with the size of the 8 legs - probably four times as long as the legs and at least double the width and are also a little longer than the body.

The black or dark brown body is about the size and shape of a sesame seed and there isn't much distinction between the cephalothorax and the abdomen. I have tried to take a photo but so far can't get one sharp enough to enlarge well. I hope I have described it well enough to permit an identification.


I have added an image
Thanks for your help. Unfortunately the view of the unID creature doesn't show the body well but maybe someone will recognize it or be able to say that some pseudoscorpions have that body shape.

The body shape is not similar...
Thanks, Lynette. I'm lucky you noticed my query as I am a newcomer to the site and didn't realize that I should have used the ID request section.

I looked at the image of the pseudoscorpion and it is the same in every respect except for the body shape. Perhaps I should upload my image even though it is not ideal as it would at least give a better idea than my words.

I will submit my request again through the 'proper channels' and try to add the image.

Hi M8 ,
I am on a WWW site called Dave’s Garden .
I am wondering if I could Post your Pic / Drawing up on this site ?
Due credit will of cause be given .
Thanks in advance for your reply . G

New here
Thank you Chris.
That drawing helped me a lot.

Great drawing
Great drawing. I've already learned alot about telling the difference between male and female spiders. Thank you!



Do you mind if I add this to the Temp glossary article...and the other drawing as well? Nicely done!

That would be fine with me!