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Ghost crab in New Jersey - Ocypode quadrata

Ghost crab in New Jersey - Ocypode quadrata
Corson's Inlet, Ocean City, Cape May County, New Jersey, USA
September 21, 2008
Size: carapace ~15mm wide
A crab on an ocean beach, but I think it's a terrestrial arthropod: it matches the dry sand perfectly, and it came out of a burrow above the high tide line. Totally frassable if it's too crabby, but I'm curious about what it is.

Moved from Ghost Crabs.

Moved from Crustaceans.

Thanks, John and Ken! It does appear to be a ghost crab, and since it's in New Jersey it's probably an Atlantic Ghost Crab - I'm leaving it at genus level for a bit, at least until I can look into ghost crabs some more.

I remember chasing ghost crabs at night when I was a kid, too, but didn't associate this critter w/ them because it's out in the middle of the day.

I believe John's right.
It looks like a young Ghost Crab (Ocypode)--maybe the Atlantic Ghost Crab (Ocypode quadrata):

I think this is what we called a Ghost Crab when we were kids, but that means nothing because looking back we got almost everything wrong. I remember going out at night with flashlights to chase them in the dark. Sometimes we caught one, mostly we ran a lot.