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Subfamily Cicindelinae - Tiger Beetles

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Coleoptera - Beetles
Suborder Adephaga
Family Carabidae - Ground Beetles
Subfamily Cicindelinae - Tiger Beetles

Tribe Amblycheilini - Blunt-lipped Tiger Beetles
Genus Amblycheila - Giant Tiger Beetles
Species baroni - Montane Giant Tiger Beetle
Species cylindriformis - Great Plains Giant Tiger Beetle
Species hoversoni - South Texas Giant Tiger Beetle
Species katzi - Trans-Pecos Giant Tiger Beetle
Species picolominii - Plateau Giant Tiger Beetle
Species schwarzi - Mojave Giant Tiger Beetle
Genus Omus - Night-stalking Tiger Beetles
Species audouini - Audouin's Night-stalking Tiger Beetle
Species californicus - California Night-stalking Tiger Beetle
Subspecies angustocylindricus - Omus californicus angustocylindricus
Subspecies californicus - Omus californicus californicus
Subspecies intermedius - Omus californicus intermedius
Subspecies lecontei - LeConte's Night-stalking Tiger Beetle
Subspecies subcylindricus - Omus californicus subcylindricus
Species cazieri - Cazier's Night-stalking Tiger Beetle
Species dejeanii - Greater Night-stalking Tiger Beetle
Species laevis - Smooth Night-stalking Tiger Beetle
Species sequoiarum - Big Trees Night-stalking Tiger Beetle
Species submetallicus - Lustrous Night-stalking Tiger Beetle
Tribe Megacephalini - Big-headed Tiger Beetles
Genus Tetracha - Metallic Tiger Beetles
Species carolina - Carolina Metallic Tiger Beetle
Species floridana - Florida Metallic Tiger Beetle
Species impressa - Upland Metallic Tiger Beetle
Species virginica - Virginia Metallic Tiger Beetle
Tribe Cicindelini - Flashy Tiger Beetles
Genus Apterodela - Leaf Litter Tiger Beetles
Species unipunctata - One-spotted Tiger Beetle
Genus Brasiella - Little Tiger Beetles
Species viridisticta - Pygmy Tiger Beetle
Species wickhami - Sonoran Tiger Beetle
Genus Cicindela - Temperate Tiger Beetles
Species albissima - Coral Pink Sand Dune Tiger Beetle
Species amargosae - Great Basin Tiger Beetle
Subspecies nyensis - Cicindelidia amargosae nyensis
Species ancocisconensis - Appalachian Tiger Beetle
Species arenicola - St. Anthony Dune Tiger Beetle
Species bellissima - Pacific Coast Tiger Beetle
Species columbica - Columbia River Tiger Beetle
Species decemnotata - Badlands Tiger Beetle
Subspecies bonnevillensis - Cicindela decemnotata bonnevillensis
Subspecies decemnotata - Cicindela decemnotata decemnotata
Subspecies meriwetheri - Cicindela decemnotata meriwetheri
Subspecies montevolans - Cicindela decemnotata montevolans
Species denikei - Laurentian Tiger Beetle
Species denverensis - Green Claybank Tiger Beetle
Species depressula - Dispirited Tiger Beetle
Subspecies depressula - Cicindela depressula depressula
Species duodecimguttata - Twelve-spotted Tiger Beetle
Species formosa - Big Sand Tiger Beetle
Subspecies generosa - Cicindela formosa generosa
Subspecies rutilovirescens - Cicindela formosa rutilovirescens
Subspecies formosa - Cicindela formosa formosa
Subspecies gibsoni - Cicindela formosa gibsoni
Subspecies pigmentosignata - Cicindela formosa pigmentosignata
Species fulgida - Crimson Saltflat Tiger Beetle
Subspecies fulgida - Cicindela fulgida fulgida
Species hirticollis - Hairy-necked Tiger Beetle
Subspecies rhodensis - Cicindela hirticollis rhodensis
Subspecies gravida - Cicindela hirticollis gravida
Subspecies shelfordi - Cicindela hirticollis shelfordi
Subspecies siuslawensis - Northwest Hairy-necked Tiger Beetle
Species latesignata - Western Beach Tiger Beetle
Species lengi - Blowout Tiger Beetle
Subspecies jordai - Cicindela lengi jordai
Subspecies lengi - Cicindela lengi lengi
Subspecies versuta - Cicindela lengi versuta
Species limbalis - Common Claybank Tiger Beetle
Species limbata - Sandy Tiger Beetle
Subspecies hyperborea - Hyperboreal Tiger Beetle
Subspecies limbata - Cicindela limbata limbata
Subspecies nogahabarensis - Cicindela limbata nogahabarensis
Subspecies nympha - Cicindela limbata nympha
Species longilabris - Boreal Long-lipped Tiger Beetle
Subspecies laurentii - Cicindela longilabris laurentii
Subspecies longilabris - Cicindela longilabris longilabris
Subspecies perviridis - Cicindela longilabris perviridis
Species nebraskana - Prairie Long-lipped Tiger Beetle
Species nigrior - Autumn Tiger Beetle
Species ohlone - Ohlone Tiger Beetle
Species oregona - Western Tiger Beetle
Subspecies guttifera - Cicindela oregona guttifera
Subspecies maricopa - Cicindela oregona maricopa
Subspecies oregona - Cicindela oregona oregona
Species parowana - Dark Saltflat Tiger Beetle
Subspecies parowana - Cicindela parowana parowana
Subspecies platti - Cicindela parowana platti
Subspecies wallisi - Cicindela parowana wallisi
Species patruela - Northern Barrens Tiger Beetle
Subspecies consentanea - Cicindela patruela consentanea
Subspecies huberi - Cicindela patruela huberi
Subspecies patruela - Cicindela patruela patruela
Species pimeriana - Cochise Tiger Beetle
Species plutonica - Alpine Tiger Beetle
Species pugetana - Sagebrush Tiger Beetle
Species pulchra - Beautiful Tiger Beetle
Subspecies pulchra - Cicindela pulchra pulchra
Subspecies dorothea - Cicindela pulchra dorothea
Species purpurea - Cow Path Tiger Beetle
Subspecies audubonii - Cicindela purpurea audubonii
Subspecies cimarrona - Cimarron Tiger Beetle
Subspecies hatchi - Cicindela purpurea hatchi
Subspecies purpurea - Cicindela purpurea purpurea
Species repanda - Bronzed Tiger Beetle
Subspecies novascotiae - Cicindela repanda novascotiae
Subspecies repanda - Cicindela repanda repanda
Subspecies tanneri - Cicindela repanda tanneri
Species scutellaris - Festive Tiger Beetle
Subspecies flavoviridis - Chartreuse Tiger Beetle
Subspecies lecontei - LeConte's Tiger Beetle
Subspecies rugata - Rugate Tiger Beetle
Subspecies rugifrons - Wrinkle-fronted Tiger Beetle
Subspecies scutellaris - Festive Tiger Beetle
Subspecies unicolor - Unicolored Tiger Beetle
Subspecies yampae - Yampa Tiger Beetle
Species senilis - Senile Tiger Beetle
Species sexguttata - Six-spotted Tiger Beetle
Species splendida - Splendid Tiger Beetle
Species tenuicincta - Short-legged Tiger Beetle
Species theatina - Colorado Dune Tiger Beetle
Species tranquebarica - Oblique-lined Tiger Beetle
Subspecies arida - Cicindela tranquebarica arida
Subspecies diffracta - Cicindela tranquebarica diffracta
Subspecies inyo - Cicindela tranquebarica inyo
Subspecies kirbyi - Cicindela tranquebarica kirbyi
Subspecies joaquinensis - Cicindela tranquebarica joaquinensis
Subspecies parallelonota - Cicindela tranquebarica parallelonota
Subspecies sierra - Cicindela tranquebarica sierra
Subspecies tranquebarica - Cicindela tranquebarica tranquebarica
Subspecies vibex - Cicindela tranquebarica vibex
Subspecies viridissima - Cicindela tranquebarica viridissima
Species waynei - Bruneau Dune Tiger Beetle
Species willistoni - Williston's Tiger Beetle
Subspecies praedicta - Cicindelidia willistoni praedicta
Subspecies pseudosenilis - Cicindelidia willistoni pseudosenilis
Subspecies estancia - Cicindelidia willistoni estancia
Subspecies hirtifrons - Cicindelidia willistoni hirtifrons
Subspecies willistoni - Cicindelidia willistoni willistoni
Subspecies sulphontis - Cicindelidia willistoni sulphontis
Subspecies echo - Cicindelidia willistoni echo
Genus Cicindelidia - American Tiger Beetles
Species abdominalis - Eastern Pinebarrens Tiger Beetle
Species cazieri - Cazier's Tiger Beetle
Species floridana - Miami tiger beetle
Species haemorrhagica - Wetsalts Tiger Beetle
Subspecies arizonae - Cicindelidia haemorrhagica arizonae
Subspecies haemorrhagica - Cicindelidia haemorrhagica haemorrhagica
Species highlandensis - Highlands Tiger Beetle
Species hornii - Horn's Tiger Beetle
Species marginipennis - Cobblestone Tiger Beetle
Species melissa - Melissa's Tiger Beetle
Species nigrocoerulea - Black Sky Tiger Beetle
Subspecies bowditchi - Cicindelidia nigrocoerulea bowditchi
Subspecies nigrocoerulea - Black Sky Tiger Beetle
Subspecies subtropica - Subtropical Black Sky Tiger Beetle
Species obsoleta - Large Grassland Tiger Beetle
Subspecies neojuvenilis - Cicindelidia obsoleta neojuvenilis
Subspecies obsoleta - Cicindelidia obsoleta obsoleta
Subspecies santaclarae - Cicindelidia obsoleta santaclarae
Subspecies vulturina - Prairie Tiger Beetle
Species ocellata - Ocellated Tiger Beetle
Subspecies ocellata - Cicindelidia ocellata ocellata
Species politula - Limestone Tiger Beetle
Subspecies petrophila - Cicindelidia politula petrophila
Subspecies politula - Cicindelidia politula politula
Subspecies viridimonticola - Cicindelidia politula viridimonticola
Species punctulata - Punctured Tiger Beetle
Subspecies punctulata - Cicindelidia punctulata punctulata
Subspecies chihuahuae - Cicindelidia punctulata chihuahuae
Species rufiventris - Eastern Red-bellied Tiger Beetle
Subspecies hentzii - Cicindelidia rufiventris hentzii
Subspecies rufiventris - Cicindelidia rufiventris rufiventris
Subspecies cumatilis - Cicindelidia rufiventris cumatilis
Species scabrosa - Scabrous Tiger Beetle
Species schauppii - Schaupp's Tiger Beetle
Species sedecimpunctata - Western Red-bellied Tiger Beetle
Species tenuisignata - Thin-lined Tiger Beetle
Species trifasciata - S-banded Tiger Beetle
Subspecies ascendens - Cicindelidia trifasciata ascendens
Subspecies sigmoidea - Cicindelidia trifasciata sigmoidea
Genus Dromochorus - Dromo Tiger Beetles
Species belfragei - Loamy-ground Tiger Beetle
Species knisleyi - Juniper Grove Tiger Beetle 0
Species pilatei - Cajun Tiger Beetle
Species pruininus - Frosted Dromo Tiger Beetle
Species velutinigrens - Velvet Tiger Beetle
Species welderensis - Gulf Prairie Tiger Beetle
Genus Ellipsoptera - Ellipsed-winged Tiger Beetles
Species blanda - Sandbar Tiger Beetle
Species cuprascens - Coppery Tiger Beetle
Species gratiosa - Whitish Tiger Beetle
Species hamata - Coastal Tiger Beetle
Subspecies monti - Ellipsoptera hamata monti
Species hirtilabris - Moustached Tiger Beetle
Species lepida - Ghost Tiger Beetle
Species macra - Sandy Stream Tiger Beetle
Subspecies fluviatilis - Ellipsoptera macra fluviatilis
Species marginata - Margined Tiger Beetle
Species marutha - Aridland Tiger Beetle
Species nevadica - Nevada Tiger Beetle
Subspecies citata - Ellipsoptera nevadica citata
Subspecies knausi - Ellipsoptera nevadica knausi
Subspecies lincolniana - Salt Creek Tiger Beetle
Subspecies nevadica - Ellipsoptera nevadica nevadica
Subspecies olmosa - Ellipsoptera nevadica olmosa
Subspecies playa - Ellipsoptera nevadica playa
Species puritana - Puritan Tiger Beetle
Species sperata - Rio Grande Tiger Beetle
Subspecies inquisitor - Ellipsoptera sperata inquisitor
Subspecies sperata - Ellipsoptera sperata sperata
Species wapleri - White Sand Tiger Beetle
Genus Eunota - Saline Tiger Beetles
Species californica - California Tiger Beetle
Subspecies pseudoerronea - Eunota californica pseudoerronea
Species circumpicta - Cream-edged Tiger Beetle
Subspecies circumpicta - Eunota circumpicta circumpicta
Subspecies johnsonii - Eunota circumpicta johnsonii
Subspecies pembina - Eunota circumpicta pembina
Species fulgoris - Glittering Tiger Beetle
Subspecies erronea - Eunota fulgoris erronea
Species gabbi - Western Tidal Flat Tiger Beetle
Species pamphila - Gulfshore Tiger Beetle
Species praetextata - Riparian Tiger Beetle
Subspecies pallidofemora - Eunota praetextata pallidofemora
Subspecies praetextata - Eunota praetextata praetextata
Species severa - Saltmarsh Tiger Beetle
Species striga - Elusive Tiger Beetle
Species togata - White-cloaked Tiger Beetle
Subspecies togata - Eunota togata togata
Subspecies fascinans - Eunota togata fascinans
Genus Habroscelimorpha - Habro Tiger Beetles
Species dorsalis - Eastern Beach Tiger Beetle
Subspecies media - Habroscelimorpha dorsalis media
Subspecies saulcyi - Habroscelimorpha dorsalis saulcyi
Subspecies venusta - Habroscelimorpha dorsalis venusta
Subspecies dorsalis - Habroscelimorpha dorsalis dorsalis
Genus Microthylax - Coral Beach Tiger Beetles
Species olivacea - Olive Tiger Beetle
Genus Opilidia - Opilid Tiger Beetles
Species chlorocephala - Lime-headed Tiger Beetle
Subspecies smythi - Smyth’s Lime-headed Tiger Beetle
Genus Parvindela - American Diminutive Tiger Beetles
Species celeripes - Swift Tiger Beetle
Species cursitans - Ant-like Tiger Beetle
Species debilis - Grass-runner Tiger Beetle
Species lemniscata - White-striped Tiger Beetle
Subspecies lemniscata - Cylindera lemniscata lemniscata
Subspecies rebaptisata - Cylindera lemniscata rebaptisata
Species lunalonga - Meadow Tiger Beetle
Species terricola - Variable Tiger Beetle
Subspecies cinctipennis - Belted-winged Tiger Beetle
Subspecies continua - Cylindera terricola continua
Subspecies imperfecta - Cylindera terricola imperfecta
Subspecies kaibabensis - Cylindera terricola kaibabensis
Subspecies terricola - Cylindera terricola terricola
Subspecies susanagreae - Cylindera terricola susanagreae
No Taxon Unidentified Larvae & Pupae