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Another pine-cone related topic

Here is another set of pine cones that need an id. My only guess is that these are Incense Cedar cones, but I may be wrong. The tree they came from was spindly and short. The foliage was like that of an Oriental Arborvitae, greenish and thin. I hope to scan a sample of the foliage I collected. The cones are small, less than a centimeter in width.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Is it ok to delete forums?
Like the previous one about pine cones, for instance. If I am done, can I delete it?

In fact, sometimes it is a very good idea.

I would stick with Cedars as
I would stick with Cedars as far as the group. There are so many cultivars of Cedars used in landscaping that there are endless possibilities for variables. A good set of samples would be a picture of the bark, cones and foliage.

Check out landscaping info pages too.

How about Flickr?
There are several groups in Flickr that help to identify things. You ought to try this one for plants for instance.