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Syrphid larvae

I hope that some day we can identify most of the syrphid larvae in Bugguide. For now, in an effort to get things organized I have grouped some that look similar to me.
I thought that this was a deformed larva but there are several that look like it.

and perhaps
Some are similar to Eupeodes americanus(adult IDed)

and perhaps

The ones with a white dorsal white stripe resemble Scaeva pyrastri seen in the University of California, Davis website


Finally there are several similar to Eupeodes sp.(adult IDed)

Perhaps this will inspire somebody to work with these images. I am very tempted to move one or two to species or genus pages.

I'll be rearing them this year
I'll do life-cycle photos for them too, and post both larval and adult images. I don't know very much about syrphids, but I used to know less about lady beetles - rearing the critters really helps! Plus, the adults are gorgeous. It might even help my bee-phobic nephew to see that not everything with black and yellow stripes is a) a bee or b) stinging!