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Laphria Sp551 - Laphria grossa - male

Laphria Sp551 - Laphria grossa - Male
Ward Pound Ridge, Westchester County, New York, USA
July 8, 2005
Size: about 15mm
Yellow on front legs and on abdomen with reduced yellow on middle legs seems to elinate a lot of contenders. Not sure if L. huron is in range but I can't find a better fit.

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Laphria Sp551 - Laphria grossa - male Laphria Sp551.jpg magnified - Laphria grossa - male Laphria Sp551 - Laphria grossa - male

Moved from Laphria champlainii. Moved to grossa based on abdominal pattern, yellow mesopleural hairs in front of wings, and shape of proboscis sheath.

Additional photo?
Do you still have the additional photo that shows the black on the middle of the abdominal tergites? I'm trying to sort out what appears to be two species posted under champlainii on BugGuide. Thanks.

Image Added
Doesn't show much more.

It appears that all the live images are mine. I look forward to your assessment.

Tough call. If that tuft of hair in front of the wings is pale then this is not huron. L. champlainii also occurs in your area. I have seen neither down here in the south. And yes the yellow on the front legs helps but does occur in L. champlainii as well. It is hard to see the color on the terminal abdominal segments here but it obviously has extensive yellow in the mid abdominal sections. Interesting shot though.

Thanks for the help. I added a blow up up of this image here. I noticed that the middle femora is black. Not sure what exactly "that tuft of hair in front of the wings" refers to. On one of the other shots I took, I can see that the middle of the abdominal segments apear black. Hope this is useful.

Laphria champlainii
I appreciate the blowup. You can see the hairs in front of the wings and the halteres are pale. And the fly overall looks like a Laphria grossa facially with more yellow on the legs. Apparently this is just what L champlainii looks like. It means it likely was a bit larger than 15mm but L grossa can look anywhere from medium to giant as well in my experience.

Thanks again
Thanks again. This guy was not cooperative. He landed, I got a couple shots off, and then he was gone. I was guessing the size from memory and could be way off.