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Eggs of tachinids throughout the guide

There are several tachinid eggs in Tachinidae immature stages, parasitized hosts, & metamorphosis but there are many more scattered through many pages of Coreidae and a few other families; there are even some on caterpillars. It is time to group them together; it is possible that a few are not tachinids and I will be happy to remove them. If you know of any other images that I missed, please, let me know so I can add them.

Eggs on Heteroptera (True Bugs)


Acanthocephala declivis

Acanthocephala femorata

Acanthocephala terminalis

(Known parasites of Acanthocephala: Trichopoda pennipes, lanipes, plumipes)


Anasa armigera

(Known parasite of Anasa: Trichopoda pennipes)

Anasa tristis

Euthochtha galeator

(Known parasite of Euthochtha: Trichopoda pennipes)


Leptoglossus ashmeadi

Leptoglossus corculus

Leptoglossus occidentalis

Leptoglossus oppositus

Leptoglossus phyllopus

Leptoglossus zonatus

(Known parasites of Leptoglossus: Trichopoda pennipes, plumipes)

Phthia picta




(Known parasite of Largus: Trichopoda pennipes)

(Known parasites of some Pentatomidae, including Euschistus, Mormidea, Nezara and/or Oebalus: Cilindromyia armata and Euthera tentatrix)


Perhaps this tachinid fly is trying to lay an egg on the nymph

Brochymena arborea

Brochymena chelonoides

Chinavia hilaris

Chlorochroa ligata

Holcostethus limbolarius

Mecidea major

Mormidea lugens

Oebalus pugnax

Podisus maculiventris

(Known parasite of Podisus: Hemyda aurata)


Thyanta pallidovirens

(Known parasite of Thyanta: Trichopoda pennipes)


Arilus cristatus

Pselliopus barberi

Zelus cervicalis

Zelus luridus

Rhopalidae (Scentless Plant Bugs)

Boisea rubrolineata



Eggs on Lepidoptera Caterpillars

Orgyia vetusta

(Known parasite of Erebidae: Juriniopsis)

Malacosoma californicum (Western Tent Caterpillar)

Malacosoma disstria (Forest Tent Caterpillar Moth)

(Known parasite of Malacosoma spp.: Archytas apicifer, Archytas aterrimus, Archytas lateralis and Archytas spp.)

Euclea delphinii (Spiny Oak-Slug Moth)

Lithacodes fasciola (Yellow-shouldered Slug Moth)

Euphilotes battoides allyni (El Segundo Blue)


Cuculia convexipennis (Brown Hooded Owlet)


Cuculia florea

Cuculia intermedia (Dusky Hooded Owlet)

Orthosia hibisci (Speckled Green Fruitworm Moth)

Schinia rivulosa (Ragweed Flower Moth)


Spodoptera latifascia (Velvet Armyworm Moth)

Trichordestra legitima (Striped Garden Caterpillar Moth)

Notodontidae (Prominent Moths)
Datana integerrima (Walnut Caterpillar Moth)

Schizura ipomoeae (Morning-glory Prominent)

Schizura unicornis (Unicorm Caterpillar Moth)

Symmerista canicosta (Red-humped Oakworm)

Citheronia regalis

(Known parasites of Citheronia: Belvosia, Lespesia Winthemia)

Hemileuca eglanterina (Elegant Sheep Moth)

Hyalophora cecropia (Cecropia Moth)

Eumorpha achemon (Achemon Sphinx)

Sphinx drupiferarum (Wild Cherry Sphinx)

and perhaps

Eggs on Coleoptera, beetles


Popillia japonica

Istocheta aldrichi was introduced to combat Japanese beetles

Other beetles

and perhaps a weevil

Eggs on Hymenoptera (sawflies)


Cimbex americana (Elm Sawfly)


Eggs on Orthoptera (grasshopper)
(on Green-striped Grasshopper)

Eggs on Phasmida (walkingstick)

Could this be a tachinid egg?
on a Syrphid puparium
A host-parasite catalog of North American Tachinidae (Diptera). By Paul Henri Arnaud, United States. Science and Education Administration, California Academy of Sciences


more tachinid eggs on Phthia picta

On Chinavia hilaris

On Anasa tristis
Egg is visible in both photos, above left rear leg.

with comment by Ross Hill.

on Schinia rivulosa (Ragweed Flower Moth)?

On Symmerista canicosta

On Pseudocistela amoena, possibly

on Mormidea lugens

On Boisea rubrolineata

Oebalus pugnax

Likely tachinid egg on


a june beetle with tach eggs

And probably this one -

this weevil looks like it has a tachinid egg
but I'm not sure:

leaf-footed bug with tach eggs

a stinkbug and a coreid

on Phyllophaga

presumed Tachinid on Calligrapha

an unlucky walkingstick

Zelus cervicalis

Slug caterpillar (Lithacodes fasciola)
Presumably with tachinid eggs.

A doomed sphinx caterpillar

Cucullia action Shot
Here's an action shot of the deed in process

It is worth including it here.

Some eggs on Leptoglossus

this one is now under L. phyllopus

My new one, on Acanthocephala terminalis

Also, the first thumbnail under Eggs on Lepidoptera is on a Schizura unicornis caterpillar.

2 older ones, on Japanese beetles
I wonder if these should be moved to the parasite's page?

And another, on a coreid

Another, on Acanthocephala

And another

Possible tachinid egg

Louse fly

Wheel bug

Thanks for all the additions. I should spend some time sorting them out taxonomically. It didn't matter at first but there are quite a few now.

Eggs on another coreid

Assassin Bug

A caterpillar

Got them
Thanks for all the recent additions.

A sawfly larva with tachinid eggs

Another one

I have 2 more, on coreids

Nymph, adult
One is a nymph, the other an adult. I never paid attention to this before, but I notice that most of them are on adults (of course, caterpillars are another story).

on a coreid

Some more
on japanese beetles
on a caterpillar

Some eggs on an Achemon Sphinx

Assassin bug


Wheel bug
This one looks like it might have a tachinid egg on it.

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