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Fruit fly - Urophora

Fruit fly - Urophora
Halifax, Halifax County, Nova Scotia, Canada
July 14, 2009
Size: 3mm
Urophora spp?

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Fruit fly - Urophora Fruit fly - Urophora

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Moved from ID Request. Do you know what species of plant it was on or what potential host plants are in the area?

I did not take note of the pl
I did not take note of the plant species, but by the looks of it, maybe could be a goldenrod.

Urophora certainly looks right to me.
Of the species represented in the Guide, the wing pattern seems to resemble most closely that of Urophora jaceana, a European species accidentally introduced into the Maritime Provinces:

However, I'm not an expert. What's more, there are evidently more than a dozen Urophora species not represented in the Guide--so yours could very well be one of those.

Perhaps the experts will be able to tell you more.