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Rustic Sphinx (Manduca Rustica) (7778) - Manduca rustica

Rustic Sphinx (Manduca Rustica) (7778) - Manduca rustica
Greenacres, Palm Beach County, Florida, USA
March 26, 2010
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Found moth attached to the American Flag on my front porch this morning. Taken with Sony Cybershot VX DSC-N1.

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This is 7778 - Manduca rustica. The two species can be distinguished by comparing the PM line.
Your photo adds March for Florida to the growing Bug Guide collection.

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id - Patriot Moth, Manduca patriota

Of course!

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PawPaw Sphinx - Dolba Hyloeus ?
I believe this may a PawPaw Sphinx - Dolba Hyloeus rather than a Rustic Sphinx - Manduca rustica. What do you think ?

I'm not a lep specialist,
so you'll probably want to wait for a more informed opinion.

That said, it appears that the two species, while very similar, can be distinguished by size. The Rustic is big, with a wingspan of 8.7 - 15 cm. The Pawpaw is considerably smaller (5 - 6.8 cm). How big was your specimen? (Incidentally, the size field on the submission form refers to the insect, not the photo file. You may want to edit your form.)