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Duskywing skipper? - Pyrgus oileus - female

Duskywing skipper? - Pyrgus oileus - Female
Lake Placid, Highlands County, Florida, USA
November 22, 2009


I'm surprised this one sat that long.
I just noticed it. That oval spot just outside of the big square spot beyond the discal cell is fairly characteristic of this species. This one looks to be female (fat abdomen and relatively dark coloring).

Moved from Checkered-Skippers.

Thank you
Sorry for the late reply; thank you for this ID David.


Take a look at..

You are clearly right
I will move it there. I don't know how exact the wing pattern match has to be, it seems closest to the Common and White patterns but I noticed this specimen has a long spot on the forewing that is two spots on every other species I looked at. Hopefully someone can ID further. Thanks!