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Wasp 02 - Polistes exclamans

Wasp 02 - Polistes exclamans
Kenner, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, USA
April 2, 2010
Need some help with my wasp please... Thanks in advance.

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Wasp 02 - Polistes exclamans Wasp 02 - Polistes exclamans

Moved from Polistes.

Moved based on input received so far. It anybody has a different opinion please let me know :)


Moved from ID Request.

Thanks Vespula vulgaris!
Taking your suggestions and looking at the info pages I see where P. exclamans mentions dark antennae with orange tips. Seems like a match to me but I will just move to genus for now...

Thanks again :)

Now the other, lurking Ron comments...
I'm also on board with P. exclamans, but have muffed these before (regional differences in Arizona etc.). I'd say this one is good to go.

Polistes exclamans or Polistes dorsalis
Once again, I myself can't tell you for sure.

Dr. Buck's expertise is needed